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For Your Ears (Vol. ?)

It’s been forever since I’ve put together an installment of For Your Ears, wherein I ramble at you about all the stuff I’ve been feeding my earworm with lately.

…which could be due to the fact that I spent the majority of 2019 listening to the same album on repeat, and while I love you Lana, I think it’s time we start unearthing new sonic baubles again. Here are four possibilities!

Featured is a new series of mixes brimming with delicious lunar energies, created by my best good friend, more of which can be found over on Mixcloud (or played directly above!) For much, much more of her lovely soundwave manipulations and brilliant sonic artforms, take a peek at her website.


La Femme Pendu’s new full-length album, Absolute Horror, was released on the Spring Equinox and I wrote a few words about it over at Haute Macabre. If smoky parlor ballads lyrically inspired by classic horror cinema, sung by a“Satanic Jane Birkin, or Françoise Hardy alone in a graveyard at midnight” is your thing, then you will adore the gloomy diableries of La Femme Pendu.

I have been waiting for this new album from Myrkur for quite some time but I actually haven’t had a moment to sit down and listen to it the whole way through. From what I’ve heard so far it’s a bit of a departure from her previous black metal efforts for more traditional Scandinavian folk songs, but it’s not altogether unexpected–her music has always had that sort of shadow folk sound– and it’s thoroughly gorgeous.

I was honored to be asked by the folks at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab to contribute a playlist to their channel for an BPAL X Haute Macabre collaboration, which you can find on Spotify here, or listen to it, above.

What’s in your earholes right now? Comforting yourself with old favorites? Or keeping yourself busy by searching out new tunes? Let me know in the comments!

A moth, a swan, a cold, clear moon

A moth, a swan, a cold, clear moon from ghoulnextdoor on 8tracks Radio.

{image: James Jean}

Track list: The Moth by PJ Harvey | The Swan by Ionna Gika | For The Sun by Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky | All Of This by Ayla Nereo | Cold Clear Moon (Written By Tomo Nakayama) by Swimming Bell | Tiptoe by Gracie and Rachel | Possession 2019 by Kompromat | Psychic Sobriety by Foie Gras | Romance Noire by Double Mixte | Kuiper Belt by KÅRP | Starbound by Mouth Wound

For Your Ears: 10+ bandcamp picks

Ayla Nero, Code Of Flowers album art

Ayla Nero Code Of Flowers album art

It’s been a good, long while since I’ve put together a For Your Ears post–which isn’t to say I am not listening to music, of course. When the day comes that I am not hunting out new sonic gratification, well, you’ll know it’s because I am dead or something.

Previous installments: For Your Ears (midsummer 2016) // For Your Ears (August 2015) // For Your Ears (June 2015) // For Your Ears (April 2015) // For Your Ears (March 2015) // For Your Ears (February 2015) // For Your Ears (January 2015) 

See below for 10+ (it’s actually more like 13) fantastic bandcamp picks that are currently in heavy rotation ’round these parts. What are you listening to right now? Anything you think I should add to the list? Link me in the comments!

2016 Halloween-themed offering from VHS Glitch, full of ambient dark synth and reminiscent of such gems as Ghoulies or Night of the Demons.

Kristine Barrett’s intimate collection of experimental traditional folk music, sea shanties, & hymns from Ireland, Scotland, America, & Iceland.

Golden Garden’s particular blend of mystical, luminescent dream pop, an “invocation to the warrior queens and the enchantresses, the mystics and the misunderstood.”

Ethereal, evocative, and entrancing new offering from Ayla Nereo, an artist who makes music with a love for the earth, a devotion to our planet.

On Gramarye, Lotus Thief’s atmospheric post-black metal, space rock and ambient sound is inspired by and brings life to ancient texts, secret grimoires and forbidden rituals

Mournful balladry, pure and furious, revelatory and unsettling, from Emma Ruth Rundle (whose earlier work, Some Heavy Ocean, was also excellent)

What do we call this guy? Neo-folk? Post-punk? I find King Dude’s stuff simultaneously starkly morose and strangely catchy, and I couldn’t agree more with the reviewer who notes that this is probably what “rock and roll sounds like in hell”.

I can’t have a list like this without some melancholy piano tinklings. This offering from Murcof x Vanessa Wagner is moody and minimal, dreamy and delicate.

A singular and entirely heartbreaking concept: this album features the sounds from the journey The Caretaker will make after being diagnosed as having early onset dementia. Each stage will reveal new points of progression, loss and disintegration. Progressively falling further and further towards the abyss of complete memory loss and nothingness.

Immensely beautiful and intensely dark; I initially found her through Katie Metcalfe of Wyrd Words & Effigies recommendation

Blackgaze darlings Alcest’s Kodama is heavy stuff, both ecstatic and sorrowful.

Still Corner’s broody, swoony, shimmering synth pop is an aural treat and Dead Blue is probably my favorite entry on this list.


Meredith Yayanos released this new Parlour Trick track on Halloween, a 33 minute, terrifying sonic hellscape, a piece called “Wandering Room”, about which she says: “It’s… not cute. Sometimes, you have to go back to some dark and nasty places to rescue your inner child.”

For your ears {midsummer zombie edition}


A Virgin Among the Living Dead, 1973, via Honey From A Dark Hive

Aural transmissions & melodic missives for your ennui-filled, overheated midsummer days.

Sparkly etherpop from dreamy duo Golden Gardens


Contemplative, piano sighs & spells from Ben Lukas


Lesley Flanigan’s Hedera is your soundtrack for the still after the storm


Hypnotic, bewitching dream sounds by way of Estonia.


Sonic ephemera from Jason Van Wyk


Sweeping gothic grandeur from Nicole Sabouné


New apothic doom from Skeleton Witch like a knife to the throat


Ominous, dreary and non-danceable. Just how I like my music.


Jazzy Norwegian instru-metal

For your ears

For your ears

Aural transmissions & melodic missives from one on the verge of a something….or a nothing…I don’t even know.  Life is weird right now. Have some music.

The Hare and the Moon – Cruel Henry


Brown Bird, Axis Mundi


Ghost – Cirice


The Inward Circles – “Belated Movements for an Unsanctioned Exhumation August 1st 1984″(Excerpts) 

The Doomed Bird of Providence – “You Brought The Knife”


Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld – “The rest of us” 


Jasmine Guffond, Yellow Bell


Chelsea Wolfe – “Carrion Flowers”


thisquietarmy, Anthems For Catharsis

For your ears

A bit of a brain dump; some things that have been buzzing in my ears lately; whether you like satanic folk stylings, soft, warbly crooners, melancholy piano tinklings, pale, skinny melodrama, or doom-drenched dirges – I think there are enough relatively current earsounds listed here for everyone to find something new to love.

For your ears

Lurking Fear by Joseph Curwen -Hauntological folk horror shrouded in wraithlike drones; ritualistic heartbeats in the darkness.


Black and Bronze by Erik K. Skodvin –
Foggy washes and cinematic boneyard grooves


Hanna Rosa – Buried Alive
Velvety vocals, dreamy instrumentals, a delicate darkness


Dorothy – After Midnight
Soulful, gritty, raw, and super catchy.


Eternal Tapestry  – Enchanter’s Nightshare
Sprawling, earthy psychedelia; a hazy brain massage.


Joanne Robertson-Black Moon Days
Introspective, sparse, illusory. The poetry of sugar in wounds.


Melodic, transformative metal from Karyn Crisis.

For Your Ears, again

I’ve a habit of constantly hunting down new music, new sounds, new treats for my ears. If I am not listening to something new, I feel like I am stagnating, suffocating. I suppose it’s not really fair to all the great old stuff I like (as in …older than last week) because I never listen to the same thing twice anymore! Oh well, there are worse problems to have.

So then: I don’t know about you, but I do love to share my obsessions with like-minded folks and kindred spirits, and as such I think I will regularly start to feature the new things on heavy rotation for me, in a once monthly (or whatever, don’t hold me to a schedule)
For Your Ears posting.  Don’t expect lengthy reviews; I know what I like but it’s often difficult to articulate exactly why I like something, so you won’t find that here.  Nonetheless, I hope that you will find something you enjoy!


More new stuff from The Twilight Sad, who sound like all the music I never listened to when I was younger.


Xunolm, Asleep in the Shattered Mirror. “…a perfect score for some rustbelt cyberpunk dystopia, or a futuristic zombie apocalypse. It’s both sterling shining chrome and crumbling decadence” (via forestpunk)


Dreamy folkstress Marissa Nadler covering Elliott Smith


A new solo project featuring some live sets from Eric Quach, one of my favorite drone artists.


New music from Atlanta’s Royal Thunder, whose second album, Crooked Doors, will be out in April.


“…briny doom-laden folktronica” from Snow Ghosts.


Transcend, from Ahimsa, released inDecember of 2014.  Not sure what to say about it. It falls under post-rock.  I like post-rock.


Stephan Mathieu’s Nachtstücke is a “limitless sonic aura” which “forges eveningness as a tangible, sensible thing”.


The Unthanks’ latest album is “filled to the brim with the epic, the grandiose, and the fairytale-­esque.” (via forfolkssake)