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🎃 What To Do On Halloween: The 2019 Edition, according to The Ghost In My Machine.

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Cover of "Strange Affair" by Edwin West (pseudonym of Donald E. Westlake). Illustration by Harry Schaare.

Cover of “Strange Affair” by Edwin West (pseudonym of Donald E. Westlake). Illustration by Harry Schaare.

Pulp Fiction Helped Define American Lesbianism
A Group Of Czech Students Recreate Weird And Strange Scenes From Medieval Books
Bury Us Beneath Occult Books: The Ritman Library Digitized
Going Against The Decluttering Craze: The Book Hoarders Who Defy Marie Kondo
This Open-World Game Lets You Solve Mysteries As A Gang Of Cats
English Heritage Map Of Myth, Folklore, And Legend
Scientists Find Huge World Of Hidden Galaxies, Changing Our Understanding Of The Universe
Metallic Bras From Space! Sci-Fi Pulp Ladies & Their Shiny Metal Brassieres
7 Books About Magic Doors for the People Narnia Left Behind
Dazzling Color Photos of the Legendary Romanov Costume Ball of 1903
Artistically Arranged Time Slice Photos Show the Stages of a Total Solar Eclipse
8 Days Alone In Italy: On Ancestral Work, Fear, Solitude
Don’t Look Now: VR horror enacts our greatest fears about technology
I’m ugly. (And I’m proud.)

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The Los Angeles Oddities Market is happening this weekend, and I will be there! I hope to see you!

#MetGala2019 looks as minerals: a twitter thread

8 Modern Witches Share Their Daily Beauty Rituals

The Fantastical Sketchbook of a Medieval Inventor

The Secret Language of Jewelry in Women’s Portraits

Frida Kahlo’s Garden Is Still Thriving—Six Decades after Her Death

Alien spaceship, Hammer horror? The pulsating visions of Harry Clarke

Rare and Endangered Butterfly Species Recreated in Glass by Laura Hart

Yes, Giant Technicolor Squirrels Actually Roam the Forests of Southern India

Who’s the Darkest of Them All? The Arcane Origins of the Tale of Snow White

Rebecca Solnit on Hope in Dark Times, Resisting the Defeatism of Easy Despair, and What Victory Really Means for Movements of Social Change

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Virginia Woolf’s ORLANDO: A Biography In Fragrances
Crazy Plant Ladies Through the Ages
Grounding And Visualizing With Vinyl Records
The Colorful and Clairvoyant History of Aura Photography
A Brief History Of Bob Haircuts In French Movies
Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Ask Christopher Pike
Amsterdam’s museum dedicated to cats in art
Who Needs Astrology: From Myth To Memes, A Writer Wonders About The Stars
8 Very Good Time Traveling Doggos
This Octopus’s Dreams (Maybe) Were Written All Over Its Body
Download the ModulAir, a Free Polyphonic Synthesizer, and Make Your Own Electronic Sounds

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Corey Brickley for ‘The Folio Book of Horror Stories’

Corey Brickley for ‘The Folio Book of Horror Stories’

I Am A Haunted House By Sarah Chavez on the Creeping Museum Blog
Haunting New Illustrations for Classic Horror and Ghost Stories
11 Terrifying Urban Legends That Turned Out to Be True
The Godmother of Goth: 40 Vintage Photos of Siouxsie Sioux
How to Decorate Your House Like Victor Frankenstein
The Strange Secret Behind the Tragic Deaths of Oscar Wilde’s Half-Sisters
Ghostwriter and Ghost: The Strange Case of Pearl Curran & Patience Worth
The Zodiac Signs As Women In Horror
15 Scary Movies Directed by Women Perfect for Halloween
Phantasmaphile Celebrates 13 Years!
The Ghosts Of Angela Deane at The Jealous Curator

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Image credit: Håkan Strand

Black and White Analog Photographs Explore the Serenity of Long Meandering Roads

World’s Greatest Gallery of Mushrooms That Look Like Butts

How to Keep a Zibaldone, the 14th Century’s Answer to Tumblr

In Dutch Still Lifes, Dark Secrets Hide behind Exotic Delicacies

Live Your Best Sloth Life With THis Giant Realistic Sloth Suit

Every Trap Door Is In Good Repair: An Addams Family House Of One’s Own

It’s Better Light, Not Worse Behavior, That Explains Crimes On A Full Moon

Writing Prompts Inspired By Fairy Tales

A Master Class in Women’s Rage:Reading List & Syllabus

The Season’s Fabrics, Animated by Dancers

Bezoars: From the Belly of a Goat to the Mouth of a King

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Sensitive-Survivors-by-Puur-Anders-9-960x1392@2xOverlooked Plants Printed With Found Images by Miranda van Dijk

jenna bartonOracular Creatures and Arcane Spaces: The Enigmatic Art of Jenna Barton

the-woman-in-the-window-twoPortraits of Women in Film Noir

The Visual Aesthetic of Dario Argento’s ‘Suspiria’

The Myths and Realities Behind The Exorcist

Final Fantasy VII’s Cosmo Canyon Sequence Is A Meditation On Family, Sacrifice, And Existence Itself

Do Nothing Unless It Feeds You

11 Poets Beyoncé Should Feature on Her Next Visual Album

Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination

Remembering Photographer Laura Aguilar’s Empathetic, Queer Art

The Outlawed Secret Masonic Society of Pugs

How Poetry and Math Intersect

What, Prithee, Is A Poetess?

Elsa Lanchester, Herself (Interview And Book Giveaway)–Ends Today!

this, that, and the other thing {xliii}

The Beauty and Horror of Medusa, an Enduring Symbol of Women’s Power

I didn’t know “dark food photography” was a thing, or had a name, but it is and it does, and here is one of my favorite dark food photography instagram accounts. Thanks to Tanya for sharing the concept and the particulars with me!

Macabre Muse: Arran Shurvinton

My favorite witch, Pam Grossman, has started doing monthly round ups over at phantasmaphile!

Astropoets is my new favorite twitter account (actually it’s been my fave for a while, but I forgot to mention it!)

The Best Thing About Celebrity Novels Is Scathingly Bad Reviews

Rare Comet Moth Emerges From Cocoon at Notebaert Nature Museum

A Corporeal Garden of Earthly Delights by Agnieszka Nienartowicz

this, that, and the other thing {xlii}


Krevborna: A Gothic Blood Opera is a system-neutral campaign setting for Gothic Fantasy adventures inspired by Bloodborne, Castlevania, and Penny Dreadful. I don’t play RPGs, but this makes me really rethink my stance, because it sounds freaking amazing. And it’s by my friend, the brilliant Jack Shear! And if that stunning cover art looks familiar it’s because it is from the hand of the very talented Becky Munich.

Johnny Joo Photographs Forgotten Structures Overtaken by Nature

26937908_1140356482761786_1258339207_oDr. Bloodsucker: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love My Pet Leech


Advice From A Witch: Words of comfort from a mistress of the mystic arts.

Reading Horror Novels Helped Me Deal with OCD

Finding the Beauty in Nordic Ruins

Sex, jealousy and gender: Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca 80 years on

The Mysterious Murder Case That’s Captivated Iceland for Nearly 200 Years

This Twitter Fiction Turns a Fashion Show into Dante’s Inferno for the Modern Age

David Bowie Book Club Launched By Bowie’s Son

Say It with Noodles: On Learning to Speak the Language of Food

Victorian Penny Gaffs: Crime, Horror, and Murder

† David Lynch Teaches Typing

this, that, and the other thing {xli}

tumblr_ozqiv6pXRs1w35hv2o1_1280Sailor Moon Texts is my new favorite thing


English-EerieEnglish Eerie – a solo rural horror game


1_IS_TaHRqQG99TJA10N8ImgLaura Ingalls Wilder’s Magical Objects: On The pleasure and longing associated with storied possessions


ChristopherRelander17_05Finnish Landscapes Captured Within Jars by Christoffer Relander


tumblr_ozxgjcn7Hm1qccpz7o6_500Exquisite insects handmade by Heather Everitt, via Geyser of Awesome


DPPs7zPUQAADYFvBad Books For Bad People, Episode 16: The Monk


JillTracy_LilyDaleJill Tracy Reveals The Secret Music of Lily Dale

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