About S. Elizabeth / Mlle Ghoul


Mlle Ghoul / S. Elizabeth is a frou-frou fantôme, and a fancier of fine old things and nostalgic whimsies and magics both macabre and melancholy.  She is a shadow seamstress, word witch, and weaver of the weird. Her first book, The Art Of The Occult, is available from Quarto/White Lion Press in October 2020.

Translation: I am a Florida-based writer and blogger, rambling about art, music, fashion, perfume, anxiety, and grief–particularly as these subjects intersect with horror, the supernatural, and death.

I am going to nestle this photo in a little further down the page. I guess I’m supposed to look serious for author photos, but think my true essence has been best visually translated below, wherein I am captured on film, cackling into the void. Life is often stupid and horrible, if you can’t laugh at it, what is even the point?

Author Photo 3

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