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Staff writer at Haute Macabre (2016-2021)

Staff Writer at Dirge Magazine (2015-2016)

Death Cafe Orlando/Daytona Beach (2014-2016)

Skeletor Is Love (2013-2015)

Guest blogger at Coilhouse (2010-2011)

➤Guest blogger at Bloodmilk:
Scents for the Dark
Night Music
Summer Scents For Those Who Shun The Sun
Bloodmilk interview 11-11-11

➤Guest blogger at Death and the Maiden:
Perfume of the Dead
Death Has A Voice
Keening and the Death Wail


➤”Hag Couture”, Witch Women zine, Heretical Sexts micropublishing 2015
The Occult Activity Book (co-editor, contributor) Spring 2016
The Occult Activity Book Volume Two (co-editor, contributor) Autumn 2016
The Art Of The Occult: A Visual Sourcebook For The Modern Mystic (Quarto/White Lion Press, September 2020)
➤”The Secret Heart of the Art of the Occult” Watkins Mind Body Spirit Autumn 2021
The Art of Darkness: A Treasury of the Morbid, Melancholic and Macabre (Quarto/Frances Lincoln, September 2022)
The Art of Fantasy: A Visual Sourcebook of All that is Unreal (Quarto/Frances Lincoln, September 2023)
Paint it Black: The Art of Darkness featured in Rue Morgue Issue #209


Aromatica de Profundis: An Interview With S. Elizabeth
The Magical Buffet: 10 Questions with S. Elizabeth
Arizona Foothills: Trendsetters to Know: S. Elizabeth
luna luna magazine: s. elizabeth on the art of darkness, publishing, and taurean delights
Judgement: In ‘The Art of the Occult’, Author S. Elizabeth Reveals the Power of the Hidden
Universe In Words: Interview With S. Elizabeth, Author Of The Art of Darkness And The Art Of The Occult
Beautiful Bizarre Magazine: Underworldly, Otherworldly or Otherwise: Author S. Elizabeth on The Art of Darkness
Interview with Solidaridad Digital on El arte de la oscuridad/The Art of Darkness


Red Transmissions: The Art of the Occult
The Shaman’s Notebook: an Interview With Sarah Elizabeth
Disobediant Femmes: an Interview with Sarah Elizabeth
I’ll Follow You: An Interview with Sarah Elizabeth
Fear Is The Mindkiller: Sarah Elizabeth and Scopophobia
Pam Grossman’s Witch Wave Plus! S. Elizabeth, Author of “The Art of Darkness” and “The Art of the Occult”
Pam Grossman’s Witch Wave Plus! “The fantastical S. Elizabeth returns!”
WBUR Endless Thread podcast Artist: Known — Illustrator for ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ gets long-overdue credit
Bizarre States: The Art of Fantasy with S. Elizabeth


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