Other spaces where you can find my faint fingerprint, or perhaps a lingering shadow…

A Death Less Ordinary

Staff writer at Haute Macabre (2016-present)

Staff Writer at Dirge Magazine (2015-2016)

Death Cafe Orlando/Daytona Beach (2014-2016)

Skeletor Is Love (2013-2014)

Guest blogger at Coilhouse (2010-2011)

Guest blogger at Bloodmilk:
Scents for the Dark
Night Music
Summer Scents For Those Who Shun The Sun
Bloodmilk interview 11-11-11

Guest blogger at Death and the Maiden:
Perfume of the Dead
Death Has A Voice
Keening and the Death Wail

“Hag Couture”, Witch Women zine, Heretical Sexts micropublishing 2015
The Occult Activity Book (co-editor, contributor) Spring 2016
The Occult Activity Book Volume Two (co-editor, contributor) Autumn 2016
The Art Of The Occult (Quarto/White Lion Press, September 2020)



2 Comments on Elsewhere

  1. John
    May 21, 2020 at 6:18 am (8 months ago)

    Hello Mlle Goul,
    I arrived at your blog while looking for Alastair related ‘stuff’ and then of course, started clicking through various pages etc- interesting stuff! I liked the decadent film list a lot. Wee have similar tastes (Fulgur, weird art, the unusual…) and friends (Maddie).
    You might like my little project Side Real Press which publishes odd stuff (though this is not a sales punt!). On the side bar is a little selection of ‘decadent’ artists. You might find it of interest. Especially Stefan Eggeler…

    REGARDS! and stay well!

    • S. Elizabeth
      May 21, 2020 at 6:25 am (8 months ago)

      Hi, John! Thanks very much for stumbling in and stopping to have a peek at my little space here. Thanks for the head’s up–I will definitely check out Side Real Press 🙂


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