For years, I have been weaving these dark narratives, not through words, but through threads and textures. Long before this blog took root, hundreds of these shadowy ensembles emerged from my imagination. Now, I unveil a haunting selection, my favorites from a bygone era.

Time, however, has taken its toll. Many were born in a bygone era, crafted on a digital loom that now lies dormant (RIP Polyvore). The details may be lost, the textures a faded memory, but their essence remains–a testament to the enduring power and mystery of darkness. These are not simply “how to wear” guides. Each is an ode to a muse – a film noir heroine, a gothic poem, an eerie melody (or a blog post or a playlist, in which case those are all linked!) They compelled me to translate their whispers into the glamour and grandeur of fabric and form, an elusive language I do not pretend to understand but which I have forever been under its thrall.

So, step into this spectral showcase, and please enjoy these spooky lewks from yesterday. A love for the little black dress, or perhaps its grander, more dramatic evil queen ballgown cousin, is a must!


Miss Vampire 1970
It has always been winter
The nodes of the moon are mystical points
The Mystery of the Mysterious Headdress Lady (the mystery is actually solved a decade later)
Countess Wolfenbach is expecting you for tea…
Forever…and ever…


Business As Usual
It’s nothing, just a hanged man.


Your head wound will seem insignificant… when I am draining your blood into my bath!
An awkward moment in evolution
Had I known eternal life was so crappy, I would’ve opted out.


The Tragedy of Belladonna


The Unveiling
The sound of a thousand souls slipping under
Summoning the gloom
It always gives me a shiver when I see a cat seeing what I can’t see.
Almost nobody dances sober, unless they happen to be insane


Ritratto di Valentina
repents in thorns


And THAT’S for eating the last Hot Pocket!


Hanging with my cronies


Beetle Queen (feat. doll by Marina Bychkova)
Dream a little dream… (of nocturnal attacks and sleep paralysis)


Edwardian Beatdown


Echoes of Hearts Long Silenced (pt1) (feat. photo by |DbrDbr| on flicker)


Fairy godmother (feat. art by Virgil Finlay)




Let go of the past
I saw the moonlight shadows go creeping slow (featuring photo by Rocky Schenck)


May, Queen of Blossoms (feat. art by Ellen Rogers)


Margaret grew weary of cryptic complaints from the other side


Neither reflection nor shadow


O you who are illumined…!
Sins? I thought they were just bad habits!


So fast asleep they were, they were not able to wake up for a hundred years.


Some things, Millicent decided, were better left unseen.


The horror of life and the ecstasy of life


The shadows that stride from world to world (feat. art by Virgil Finlay)


this, that, and the other thing (v)
To what devil shall I pray? (feat. photo by Azzurra Piccardi)
Weird Tales- Portrait of a FL Showgirl
Will you come into my parlour? (featuring art by Kurt Komoda)


Yesterday I ate an angel.


You, too, can feel the joy and happiness of hating.

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Image credit: Alex Segre

This was initially written for Dirge Magazine in 2015. Dirge has since disappeared, but I hate the idea of my writing being homeless, so here it is for my own blog–which is probably where it belonged in the first place. 

IN THE AUTUMN AND WINTER MONTHS I am drawn to the somber quiet of cemeteries and graveyards – places that house the still, silent dead. I suppose as the afternoons grow darker and colder, so do my thoughts and mood – and as such, melancholic meanderings alongside spirits and shades are often the order of the day.

The mind tends to wander strange, surreal pathways during these wintry boneyard rambles, and yet one sometimes finds oneself contemplating such practical frivolities as fashion and fripperies whilst traversing between headstones. The thought, for example, that aside from all the dead folk beneath your feet, cemeteries are also full of fascinating sartorial inspiration: the curious gravestone iconography; the bleak, chilled color palette of concrete crypts, porcelain urns, and faded funeral bouquets; the varying textures of cracked stone, velvety moss, and the tangle of overgrown, interwoven vines.

Incorporating these solemn motifs into ensembles for cemetery strolls when you’ve got a case of the morbs would then seem a logical progression, would it not?

See below for a selection of crypt couture and funereal finery fit for early winter visits to even some of the world’s most famous cemeteries. Pack your bags for a whirlwind, worldwide cemetery tour, fashionable saddies and tapophiles!

Seriously, pack a lot of bags. I didn’t skimp on the accessories and accoutrements.


Highgate Cemetery, England

Private Practice Jacket $98 // Rag & Bone Distressed Skinny Jeans $255 // Commando camisole & briefs $70 // Michael Kors “Joanie” knee-high boots $295 // Halston Heritage suede tote $297.50 // Lipstick Queen “Black Tie Optional” $22 // Morph Knitwear Shapeshifter shawl $124 // Acanthus Vanitas pendant $390 // Bittersweets NY Memento Mori ring $1300 // KMRII “Estoc” belt $320 // LUSH Death & Decay perfume £30


Lutheran Saxon Cemetery, Transylvania

Dolce & Gabbana lace blouse $1875 // Alexander McQueen coat $5795 // Maticevski “Predator” skirt $1000 // Chantal Thomass hold up stockings $55.69 // Agent Provacateur bra $590 & panties $450 // Lancôme gel liner $25 // Saint Laurent lace up boots $524 // Charlotte Olympia suede bag $1195 // Eres + Maison Michel wide brim hat $970 // Christian Louboutin nail polish “Under Red” $45 // Antique black enamel bracelet $2450 // Gisele Ganne Mourning Blacking ring £210 //  CB I Hate Perfume “Winter 1972” $20-$100

Cimetière du Père Lachaise, Paris

Bolongaro Trevor Faded Snake parachute dress $92.56 // Theory “Virny” blazer $192 // Lonely Harper bra $75 & briefs $60 // Gareth Pugh “Runway” wedge boot $643 // Skull mask ring $200 // Pamela Love cross ring $250 // Luxirare wallet necklace $95 // MAC pigment “Softwash Grey” $31.50 // Bloodmilk Two of Swords Tarot earrings $200 // COMME des GARÇONS Silver Words fragrance $149.50

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I am very much a creature of habit.

So, much as I did for the two previous books, I was compelled to create a “How To Wear” for my newest offering, The Art of Fantasy! These items were pieced together to create an ensemble full of *immaculate vibes* and not because I’m trying to get you to buy any of these things; my sartorial daydreams are opulent and not inexpensive, so yes–many of these things are stupidly pricey, I am well aware of that! Also, I apologize if some of these things are sold out or discontinued, but you can often find the same or similar items on resale sites.

Ulla Johnson Fiona Dress (no longer available) // Dita von Teese bra and panties // Valentino shawl (no longer available) // Cecelia Hibiscus Heels //Jennifer Behr butterfly pin set // Braccacialini snail handbag // Renaissance cameo pendant // bloodmilk Dreaming Underground ritual strand (no longer available) // Porter Gulch Marie Ring // Rituel de Fille Anthelion Gold Luminizer // Amali carved dove ring // Pillar opal ring // Imaginary Authors Whispered Myths fragrance // Florasis Goddess palette

BONUS! Here are the ensembles I assembled for the previous two books…


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“my dear mary stole a rose” by Katie Eleanor

So I guess I have been making various “How to wear the summer solstice” outfits over the years and posting them willy-nilly on the internet and social media, but I have not been properly gathering them up in a blog post afterward, like I typically do with my other How To Wear collections. Le whoopsie! So that’s what I am doing today.

With such curations, I might usually include a bit of preamble about whatever aesthetic aspect of the seasons linking them with this, that, or the other kindred sartorial elements, but today I will leave the connecting of those dots to you.  I have bees to bother and cookies to think about baking (I probably won’t bake them, but I’ll think about it all day) and a mustard yellow tunic to wear, and such is the extent of my summer solstice practices. I am sneaking all of this in-between minutes of the workday, so I am doing my best with what I have to work with!

Click on each image to be whisked away to a page where you will find all of the items that comprise the ensemble. Please note that these were pieced together over the span of several years and many of these things are sold out or discontinued, but you can often find the same or similar items on resale sites. Also, my daydreams are opulent and not inexpensive, so yes–many of these things are stupidly pricey, I am well aware of that!

Summer Solstice 2024 (light & dark version)



Previous Summer Solstices…


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click to embiggen

My little brain train needs a rest and reset. I have been foggy and sick for over a week now and I have been trying to work and write and think– and the ol engines aren’t chugging and choo-chooing like they should. Or…like…at all, if we’re being honest.

Sometimes when I am feeling this way, playtime is what’s called for. A few moments of letting my brain dream up something fun, a low-stakes little puzzle that engages me creatively but the outcome of which doesn’t feel like the world will come crumbling down around my ears if it’s not perfect.

So I thought I might put together an outfit for the first few days of autumn. Something that felt a little spooky and silly and which is also actually a “How To Wear A Slick Satan Tee Shirt” ensemble, too, I guess, because I sure do love that Barbie’s SCREAMHOUSE top! Something I would totally wear from the top of that black straw hat to the toes of those utilitarian mary janes…if I had the money to afford any of this, and if the weather would allow for it. (Spoiler: I do not have that money and it’s hot pea soup out there until December. The weather will most certainly not allow for it.)

Anyway, unscrambling one’s epizootie-scrambled brain takes time, and I will be patient with myself. And maybe just play for a while.


Slick Satan Screamhouse tee // Comme Des Garçons pinafore // Peserico v-neck cardigan // Maison Close Lace Mid-Calf Lace Socks // Marni ridged-sole Mary Jane // Stolen Girlfriends Club Hiss Satchel // bloodmilk moontime and heart necklaces // Anthony Lent moonface ring // Atelier Narce Sibilla Festiva ring // Arcana Obscura Annabel Lee ring & Memento Mori Band// Rituel de Fille The Black Orb Iron Dark Red Kohl Eyeliner // Cirque Colors Mystic Moonstone Nail Polish // Warby Parker Sonia Eyeglasses // bloodmilk X BPAL Silky Bat perfume // Clyde Black Caro Hat // Lise Charmel underthings // Maryann Held Heirloom carryall pouch


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A restful and relaxing and fragrant summer solstice to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere! I’m honoring the day by wearing all of my orange blossom scents at once.

Pictured above, L-R: Jo Malone Orange Blossom // BPAL Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Vetiver // Buly Fleur d’Oranger


R13 Floral Long Dress // Charo Ruiz Ibiza cut out-detail coat // Miu Miu Crystal-Embellished Gabardine Platform Sandals // Clyde – Black Caro Hat with Neck Shade // Hopeless lingerie strappy bra and briefs //
Stolen Girlfriends Club Hiss Satchel // Rodebjer Sylvia Sunnies // Sacred poppy necklace, Belladonna bell necklace, Achlys ring, and Hecate ring from bloodmilk jewels // Lvnea La Serpentine // ColourPop Hallucinogenius Jelly Much Shadow // Fat and The Moon Organic Eye Coal

photo image: S. Elizabeth, The Day Will Come That You Say You Dreamed It


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I did…not…enjoy Things Heard and Seen on Netflix. I will admit, the trailer captivated me, with its teasing of Catherine and George, a young couple and their child moving from the city to a ~quite possibly~ haunted old house in a small Hudson Valley college town. I already want to run away to an isolated farmhouse in upstate New York and bake bread and feed chickens all day (okay, Yvan can feed the chickens, I don’t really care about that part) so this appealed to me on a very base level.

But. With the exception of one character, I did not care for a single person in this film. As it turns out, and I’m not really spoiling anything here, George is not a great guy. You get a sense right off the bat that he’s a bit of a dick and he’s kind of sneaky, and he only gets worse. I don’t think the house would have gotten to him to such a degree if it wasn’t already a bad apple. And by the end of the film, you start to wonder about some things you learn at the beginning of the film and wonder if he wasn’t already rotten to the core.

I didn’t really love Catherine’s character, either. And maybe that’s not fair because I don’t know that we ever got a chance to know her, other than she gave up her art restoration career for her husband’s teaching opportunity, which is why they made the move to the country. And that she’s “the believer” in the family, as George asserts to a colleague who is trying to talk with him about Swedenborgian philosophies and spirituality. But other than his referencing of it, and the fact that she begins seeing and hearing strange, ghostly things, we don’t get much in the way of an explanation or examples of that, or any back story for her at all.

Oh, and a big-time TW here: We also know that Catherine suffers from an eating disorder. We know this has been going on for a while, because George references doctor visits, and weight gain shakes she is supposed to be drinking for meals. An excellent example of this guy’s assholery is how he’s always harping on her for not eating, almost as if he’s actually concerned. And yet. In a car ride home, after they have joined Justine, a fellow professor (Rhea Seehorn, who plays Kim Wexler in Better Call Saul!) and her husband in their home for dinner, George remarks that Justine “can really put away some lasagna.” With commentary like that, it’s not surprising that Catherine has some issues with food and with her body. “That was a really nasty thing to say,” she remarks about his casual cruelty. And it was. Fuck off, George!

Justine Solokof, professor of weaving (?!?!) is a QUEEN and I would love to eat some lasagna with her. She is the very best thing about Things Seen And Heard.

If I am being honest, I utterly tuned out about 20 minutes into the film as I began daydreaming about life in my lovingly restored and gently haunted murder farmhouse.  Crisp, clear nights with no light pollution or humidity and you can count every star in the sky and it’s so quiet you can hear the flights of bats and owls. Slow, chilly mornings warmed by endless cups of coffee and something cozy and autumnal to eat.

Like sourdough pumpkin pancakes! It’s 85 degrees in Florida this week, and the pancakes were the only part of this fantasy that I could recreate. I am not a huge fan of maple syrup, so I ate these with cream cheese and honey and they were delightful.


Of course, my haunted country home fantasy needs a rustic autumnal ensemble! Details on all of the items used can be found here; I’m feeling too lazy to list them all at the moment, but if you check back later, I may have done so.

And oh my lord people, you people with comments like “$12K for a bag, I would never!”Of course, you would never! That just goes without saying! We don’t have that kind of money! But what’s the point of daydreaming on a budget? No thanks, friends. If I’m gonna fantasize, even if it’s just a dream of making pies and knitting on a front porch rocking chair with no one in 50 miles in any direction to bother me, it’s gonna be dripping in luxury. You want a cheap murder farmhouse outfit, make it yourself.

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How to wear an incredibly close approximation of a thing* I wear nearly every single day even when it’s close to 100 degrees outside and my soul feels it’s like dying after a six-month-long August inferno. But seriously, this is my favorite outfit ever. And I love gold jewelry now? Huh!

Tales from the Crypt tee from librastyle // Bondi Born wide leg linen trousers // Black Organic bralette & undershorts from Hopeless Lingerie // Prada hair slide // Dagger cat eye glasses from Valley Eye Wear // Fly London Bani sandals // Frye Lily crossbody bag // The Snake & Moon Ring, Cece Jewellery // Jamie Joseph Indicolite Tourmaline ring // Bittersweets NYC Beyond All Is Abyss ring // What One Was Chain Bracelet from Pyrrha // Monica Vinader Deia hoop earrings // Orly Retrograde nail polish // Rituel de Fille Celestial Sphere Eye Soot in Serpens // Flower Porn from Heretic Parfum

*ok I don’t wear Prada in my hair, but I couldn’t find any version of my Gudetama barrettes to link to! Just imagine they’re there, ok?


Yup. Nailed it. Except pretty much everything I actually have is something slightly different. You get the point!



7 Jul

Image: Thomas Nemcsek
Image: Thomas Nemcsek

What is it about the desolation of abandoned spaces that fascinates and captivates us so? The architectural corpses of feral homes, deserted temples, ghost towns, dilapidated castles, drifting shipwrecks–whether it’s run-down, ramshackle structures or their derelict surroundings, humans can’t seem get enough of their own oblivion.

There’s an eerie, inherent beauty in decay and abandonment, in the decrepit, ghostly aesthetics of what was once thriving and pristine, now fallen to ruin, suspended in time and place. So many things vanish, yet these decaying buildings, these vestiges of places that once existed, remain in the landscape, reassuring our minds that death might not be the end.

If that’s all just a little too deep to contemplate on an early morning, perhaps then, consider this: in the grim gloom, bleak debris, and phantom shadows we conjure of those who once populated these spaces, there is much in the way of unusual and thrilling imagery to be found.  Why not consider incorporating these spectral stories and eerie, distressed, decayed motifs into your seasonal wardrobe shifts?

Whether you’re a natty urban explorer poking about an abandoned asylum or a lounging quaintrelle with a penchant for tea parties in dusty turrets, no doubt you will find a bit of inspiration in the four ensembles I have compiled for you below.

Please note: This post was originally created in 2016 for Dirge Magazine, a site that no longer exists on the internet (except in some form or another at, probably.)  I have not included the items used for these ensembles because these were created four years ago and everything is most assuredly out of stock! If you have questions about anything though, please leave me a comment, and I will try to find the answers for you.

Danvers Asylum



Corfe Castle


Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple

Roosevelt Smallpox Hospital



Bonus! For your ears: ominous aural accompaniment to these ensembles in the form of a Spotify playlist , inspired by Roland Torpor’s The Tenant.


art of the occult

Well, you knew I was eventually going to do this sooner or later!

Also, this is a small announcement that the publish date for The Art of the Occult has been shifted from September 20, 2020 to October 6, 2020. With the world being in such a state right now, I wouldn’t be totally surprised if that shifted again, but if I find that out, I will update you immediately.

Mary Katrantzou Colour-Block Maxi Dress Aw19 // Nutsa Modebadze NM8087 boot // bralette and knickers from Journelle // Erie Basin Etrucan Revival Bracelet // Swarovski Dream Eye Clutch // Gucci The Voice of the Snake perfume, from The Alchemist’s Garden collection // Julie Nolan brass snake ring at Catbird NYC // Antique Amethyst and Opal Ring // Vint & York Rare Bird cat eye glasses // Bloodmilk jewels The Torch Bearer ritual strand // Sofia Zakia Medusa’s Veil Ring // Christian Louboutin Goldomania nail color  // The Art of the Occult preorder

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