28 Dec
Image: Erté, bookplate
Image: Erté, bookplate


This was a year for some interesting opportunities and I am honored to have contributed to the following blogs/websites/publications. Thank you for having me, folks!

Death and the Maiden

Perfume of the Dead

Death Has a Voice

Heretical Sexts

Witch Women


Summer Scents For Those Who Shun the Sun

Haute Macabre

Drama Queen & Cultist of Personal Beauty: Virginia Oldini
Darkly Dreaming, part one
Darkly Dreaming, part two
Darkly Dreaming, part three

Dirge Magazine

The News Faces Of Death part one: Sarah Troop
The News Faces Of Death part two: Bess Lovejoy
The News Faces Of Death part three: Amber Carvaly
The News Faces Of Death part four: Megan Rosenbloom
The News Faces Of Death part five: Carla Valentine
Alchemical Catharsis: The Art of Alice Rogers
Emperor of Nightmares: EC Steiner
Bill Crisafi: Artist, Dreamer, Feral Mystic
* spot reserved for a thing I am excited about but which has not been published*

As a bonus, here are some of my favorite things that I wrote for my own blog this year…!

Making things weird: an interview with Tenebrous Kate
There is much that darkness knows
Hairy goat peen & other delights
On thick skin
Caftan Party Paradise

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