2 Oct

I’m currently rewatching all of the Halloween movies in anticipation for Halloween Kills, which I have zero expectations for, but I’m a dumb fan of the franchise, I guess.

My forever favorite will always be the original Halloween, but the scariest thing in this movie is the decor in Tommy Doyle’s living room. Those orange candles and that candelabra have got to be the tackiest thing I have ever seen. Is Michael Myers truly the soulless creature here? The Doyles have got a lot to answer for. See also that watermelon painting.

I am currently up to Halloween V and I am realizing that I have actually seen all of these movies before…except for Halloween III. Wow. That was something, wasn’t it? As an author that I follow on Twitter succinctly sums it up: “Halloween III is a story about the extraordinary lengths a man will go to in order to avoid hanging out with his kids.” Interestingly, the ex-wife of the main character in this film is played by Nancy Kyes, the actress who played Annie in the first movie! I looked her up and now she’s a sculptor, which is a neat thing to learn. And there’s a scene where the main character is trying to make a frantic phone call to the police and the operator saying that the call can’t go through is voiced by Jamie Lee Curtis, who otherwise is not in this film!

I realize this is stuff that everyone else already knows, but as it was my first time seeing it, I thought that was definitely a highlight of this mostly awfully silly film. I actually thought I had already seen this but I eventually realized that’s because I was recalling having read a paperback adaptation of the film when I was a kid. And even then I was like, well that sure was a lot of nonsense and craziness! And what does this have to do with anything at all?!  For nostalgia’s sake, I looked it up on Amazon and apparently I can get a copy for $715. Nah, I’m good.

Some spooky sartorial and stink pickings for over the next few days! My horror tee collection has been pared down quite a bit, but even so, this gathering is but a fraction of what’s stuffed into my dresser drawers. I just grabbed what was easiest to get my hands on for this photo! If you are curious about any of them, leave a comment and I will figure out where they came from if I can. The tees are paired with pants if I am feeling like it and the non-negotiable dab or two of a few favorite and seasonally appropriate perfume oils: Strega from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Holy Terror from Arcana Wildcraft.

samantha macabre says

I LOVE Halloween III! Originally, they were going to use the franchise from here on as stand-alone movies about Halloween night, but I think it kinda bombed so they went back to the slasher character.

S. Elizabeth says

The more I think about it, the more it's growing on me (I kinda rudely identify with some old curmudgeon sacrificing a bunch of kids to the old gods, hee hee)

samantha macabre says

PS I'm super jealous of your t shirt collection

Emera says

I'm loving these quirky and cozy Halloween posts, Sarah - thanks for putting them together! Had a good chuckle at the prospect of $715 for a Halloween III novelization.

S. Elizabeth says

Thank you so much, I am having more fun with them than usual, I think! And yes...whoever thinks they're going to get $700 for that is a little nutty :P

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