Yesterday was one of those days where the things that went wrong were a series of stupid, inconvenient dominoes that wobbled and tumbled continuously, completely blocking up and ruining the path I’d prepared for myself. Just one lousy AAA call …for a car battery that’s been dead for two weeks now, le whoopsie…turned into a whole ridiculous production and before I knew it, it was 9 o’clock in the evening. I’d gotten no day job work-work done, no personal project work done, and because I am a granny who is in bed most nights by 10 pm, I had no time to watch a movie.

But that’s ok! I plan for one or two of these days every Halloween season, so I give myself a bit of leeway. As long as I do something horror-adjacent, or even October-adjacent, it counts toward my 31 Days of Horror.

  • I watched two brief horror shorts, one more satisfying than the other. Worry Dolls, above, centered on a traumatized SA survivor employing alternative methods to get her nightmares to stop. I enjoyed this one very much. Platform, about a man’s encounter at an isolated train station, was a bit creepy, but just didn’t do it for me.
  • I peeked in on the nosleep subreddit and read Maria On The Moon, which while I think it told a poignant story of grappling with the profound grief and desperation that descends with the inevitability of loss, I’m not so sure it was a very effective horror story.
  • I finally started playing another game I bought ages ago: Doki Doki Literature Club, where “a terrifying world of romance and poetry awaits!” I didn’t get very far into it, and it’s more like a visual story than an actual game, but I think this is supposed to be a dating sim with a psychological horror element. So far it seems like a harem anime; I am some high school dude who, at my cute longtime friend’s request, has joined her after-school club, which is also filled with cute girls. We read books and write poetry and I was only at it for about 20 minutes or so, but I did notice a slight shift in tone from cutesy-wacky to…a subtle bordering-on-unsettling weirdness. I’m not sure where it’s going to go, and I am not sure that I have the patience to find out, but if I make any progress by the end of the month, I shall report back.
  • I shared some Autumn 2022 Fragrance Favorites over on TikTok. Some old beloveds, some newer finds, all perfectly, eerily atmospheric for October.
  • I finished an ARC of The Writing Retreat, which was kind of over the top but a lot of fun.
  • Not yesterday, but the day before. In case you missed it, I sent out a newsletter with even more miscellaneous and supplemental 31 Days of Horror things I have been up to!

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