I’m probably the last person on the planet to start watching A Discovery of Witches, and I have no plans to read the book (unless you can convince me otherwise? But I’m almost certain I will find it infuriating.) And I am only two episodes in and I am pretty sure the show is going to be really dumb, too– it gives me Twilight vibes, sorry guys — but gosh. It sure is pretty.

So far from what I can tell is that Diana, an academic and historian with some sort of witchy lineage that she has probably squashed way down, uncovers an alchemical manuscript that’s supposedly been lost for years, and now all the demons and vampires want to get their hands on it. Because the powers of these supernatural creatures are fading, and they suspect there’s a cure in the manuscript.

There’s a grim, handsome vampire who is a professor? doctor? scientist? Downtown Abbey alum? definitely a stalker, who immediately becomes obsessed with Diana, probably because she smells irresistible or something–and I can already tell his is going to be a politely horny show. I don’t have a problem with that per se, but I already hate Diana, so this may be hard to watch. In the first episode, she calls her witchy aunt back in the States at 5 o’clock in the morning; weird shit is happening and Diana wants some advice. Her aunt (River Song!!) attempts to advise her, and Diana throws a tantrum and hangs up because guess what–she didn’t call for advice or anything! UGH.

I will probably keep watching, or at least have it on in the background while I am knitting; the eternal autumn Instagram filter cinematography is stunning, and if nothing else, it makes for a cozy October backdrop while I am doing other things.


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Hayley says

Hahaha. I hear ya. I enjoyed the trilogy. I found it an engaging and lush read. I have the TV series, but haven't finished the last season. I find it kind of hard to follow, whether it's because the dialogue is too low or some of the characters aren't developed well enough for me to know or care who they are. I do like Diana's magic and how she develops it.

S. Elizabeth says

Well, dangit, I think you've convinced me!

Impaire says

Gotta be honest, this makes me want to watch the TV show even though I didn't particularly care for the book. I mean, it was OK, but I found it meh in all the ways you describe the TV show to be. I didn't pick up the end of the trilogy, despite one of my favorite periods to read about (Elizabethan England) being involved... So YMMV!

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