It is that time of year again and I am woefully unprepared and massively unmotivated. Summer-me anticipated this problem and at least put together a list of ideas for October-me, so we’ll see what I can do. It’s Sunday and I’ve got to spend the rest of my evening dreading Monday, so I think the sharing of my movie inspo is just about all I’ve got in me for today.

I typically make a habit of reporting on my 31 Days of Horror progress on social media, but I don’t think I’ll be doing too much of that this year. Not sure I want to call attention to my lackluster efforts. Still, if you are one of maybe two people who check in around this time of year to see what I’m reading, watching, or otherwise horror-ing–hi, and hello! I am gonna do my very best (but let’s keep our expectations very low!)


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Emera says

Great list! I hope you have fun (and don't put pressure on yourself to work on or report about your 31 Days in any particular way). I would be curious to know what you think of Huesera, as I was just seeing divided opinions about it.

Titane is a doozy. I loved it, and it has a strange, lovely tenderness underlying its aggression, but without a doubt it's in the top three weirdest and most unhinged movies I've ever seen.

S. Elizabeth says

OKAY OKAY, I CONFESS! Huesera would be a total cheat because I watched it over the summer (to be fair, I hadn't yet watched it when I made the list.) I really enjoyed it! It's not as creepy as I was hoping, but I loved the story...and I also inexplicably loved the main character's apartment. It wasn't noticeably spectacular or anything, but it had a neat mid-century modern vibe.

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