For Friday the 13th, I was going to do one of the Friday the 13th movies, as I’ve never seen a single one!  But much like how when I was younger, I believed you were either in the Star Wars or the Star Trek camp because you obviously couldn’t be into both (I’ve since changed my mind) I still staunchly maintain you are either Team Freddy or Team Jason. As Freddy has my whole heart –or he may slice it out if I decide to switch things up– I’ve decided to continue leading a Jason Voorhees-free life. In the interest of neutrality, I instead opted to finish watching a film I began two months ago and got too scared to finish.

Too scared! Yes, I said it. I have become a big, stupid baby. Evil Dead Rise scared the crap out of me.

I never intended for this to be a horror 101 blog, so I won’t bother rehashing the plot/events of the other Evil Dead movies. If you’re here reading this, I’m 99% certain you already know them. If not, read about them on Wikipedia…like I did with the entire Saw franchise, ha!

So, what was so scary about this? Taking place mainly in a condemed apartment complex in the aftermath of an earthquake, it had a claustrophobic, apocalyptic aspect that I found extremely freaky. There’s this feeling of extreme, terrifying isolation which makes you wonder “are these the only people left in the whole world?”  Ellie, her children, and her visiting sister are more or less trapped inside, along with a handful of other residents–and that would probably be scary enough, but one of Ellie’s kids climbs into a chamber unearthed under the parking garage during the quake–which turns out to be an old bank vault, where he finds a creepy old book and some weird old records.

…Which he plays, and there’s an incantation and a summoning and now he’s fucked up big time because all of a sudden, his mother is possessed. Demon-possessed Ellie is the second scary thing in this movie and she is scary as hell. Not only did they make her look hideous and horrifying (here’s a full-image of what’s happening in the screencap above) but she’s menacing her own children –and spoiler, most of the kids don’t make it–and even for me, with a lifetime full of watching horror movies, that kind of feels like crossing a line.

I’m really curious about other folks who have seen this one? Am I just getting old and feeble? Or was this actually pretty scary? Let me know your experiences with Evil Dead Rise!


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Rebecca says

I thought it was pretty creepy! I was also shocked by the fact that most of the kids die (though tbh, I like it when horror movies actually go that far because it's SO rare). I will say the gore towards the end kind of overshadowed any actual fear. It didn't really bother me (though it was really freakin intense), but I think the shock value kind of took away from any creepiness, if that makes sense?

S. Elizabeth says

I get what you're saying about the over-the-top gore upstaging the creepy factor, but at the same time, I feel's Evil Dead! You gotta have the gore! But at the same time, it's Evil Dead! Where's the camp!? This one seemed pretty bleak. In retrospect, I think it was a very specific thing that scared me, and it scares me every time it happens in a movie. That thing she's doing there in the featured image? Sort of crouched and contorted up on the wall like a pale, evil spider? UGH! Did you ever see Hereditary? I recall something similar happening in that one, too...

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