1 Oct


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In #33daysofSpirits, from the first of October through All Souls Day, musical evocateur, sonic archeologist, and cult darling of the underworld Jill Tracy {@jilltracymusic} will be sharing otherworldly stories from history as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses into her current project, The Secret Music of Lilydale. This siren and songstress has invited us to join in— via asking questions in the comments, suggesting topics, and tagging our favorite dark hearts, as well as sharing our own ghostly encounters, creations, inspirations, and memories. Let’s connect through the beautiful darkness all over Instagram! Jill further notes that Lily Dale’s splendid @marion.h.skidmore.library will be partnering along — with stories and oddities directly from their archives! Donate to help Jill fund “The Secret Music of Lily Dale” and you will not only get her new album, and field recordings from this mysterious little town beyond the veil, but a chance to win actual historical spiritual artifacts drawn from Lily Dale Library’s rare collection! Every donation is a chance to win until Nov 2! Using the hashtag #33daysofSpirits, let’s utterly bury ourselves in gorgeously chilling tales together until then. Until then, click on the link in @jilltracymusic’s bio to donate and win 🖤👻 🖤

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