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When I was a very little girl, I can recall that my dearest wish was to own a treasure chest overflowing with glowing pearls and shimmering gems and all manner of rare, sparkling baubles. This was a constant longing which I probably spent an unhealthy amount of time fixating upon and daydreaming about.  I imagine I must have picked up the idea of this red-velvet-lined box spilling forth a bounty of jewels from story book tales, as I had actually never seen such a thing.  But I was certain it existed somewhere, and I was determined to have one myself.  Ah, aspirations!
Photo of an early 20th-century advertising card for Le Bon Marche, Paris. The cards feature stories from “des Mille et une Nuits,” or “1001 Nights.”

Of course, now that I am older my tastes in adornments have changed somewhat (egg shaped diamond rings just don’t seem as practical as they did when I was 6) but I still carry with me that yearning for treasures and trinkets …and yes, I suppose I still wouldn’t mind having a huge pile of them.  For now though, I hang them from pins at eye level so I can admire them easily from across the room.

Included in this photo are bijoux from:

 bloodmilk • underthepyramids • lillianjade • pearleverlasting •  labellesavage •  theglassonion• thenoisyplume • boudoirbetty • redheart13 •  jessitaylor •  savagesalvage •

Currently the wish-list for adding to the collection is a mile long, but here are some highlights. Skulls, claws, eyes, raw crystals, esoteric symbolism seem to be the order of the day; I don’t think my younger self would have been very approving. Actually, she might have been horrified! After all, we are talking about a little girl who was afraid of her cousin’s KISS poster (with the band in full makeup).  Also she had to sometimes hide her face behind a pillow when the monsters on Scooby-Doo were too scary!

the oracle. part ii. magnifying glass and starling claw necklace.

• the oracle part ii. magnifying glass & starling claw necklace from bloodmilk

this necklace is a marriage of claw and glass. cast immortal in sterling silver and oxidized to varying shades of gloomy gray, a life cast starling claw grips a small, framed piece of magnifying glass.”

Sterling Forwarning eye

• Sterling Forwarning eye by AMictlan

An eye is all seeing and can be very powerful. It has been used through out the ages for protection against evil, or as a way to obtain spiritual knowledge of occult mysteries.  This ring was hand carved and cast in sterling silver, to enhance its sacred powers.

Anti-Triangle Cult necklace

•Anti-Triangle Cult necklace by underthepyramids

“The stars are the apexes of what wonderful triangles !” – Henry David Thoreau 
My “Anti-Triangle Cult” necklaces are made of glass and silver metal.
Just like my first version “the Order of the Triangle” (see last pic) they can be opened and used as a locket, to display a piece of lace, a lock of hair, a feather …They are hung on a long black cotton cord.”

Dollybird Preserved Spider Web Pendant

• Preserved Spider Web Pendant from DollybirdDesigns

“A real spider web has been captured and preserved behind pressed glass to make this pretty little talisman pendant.”

Well, then…I don’t ask for much, now do I? Obviously, someone has a one-track mind.  I guess not much has changed since the days of treasure chest dreams, after all!

What are some baubles and frips and treasures and trinkets that have  ensorceled & enchanted you lately?  I can’t be the only one obsessing!

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