12 Oct


Inspired by a conversation with my sister that’s really too long to get into but the gist of it is that I struggle to reconcile living a life of refinement* with my fierce devotion to disgusting junk food: she suggested that I make a little ritual of it. A small portion of, say, Funyuns, with a fancy whiskey or somesuch. I liked this idea very much and I love my baby sister for suggesting it!

When I tweeted about it (I’m one of those people who keeps a twitter for the sole reason of spouting ridiculousness) @cheesesexdeath adroitly suggested that I pair it with a super gooey, spruce-wrapped Harbison, and with that, a Saturday night supper was borne! Sadly, my grocery store did not have the Harbison–sad trombone–so I grabbed a triple creme Fromage d’Affinois, and I don’t think that’s at all similar but it’s a buttery ooze that’s providing a wonderful contrast to the salty, crunchy, top-of-the-mouth-scratchy skanky funk of the Funyuns.

Thanks to my life-advisor and my spiritual cheese advisor for tonight’s divine/unholy meal. Amen.

*P.S. I blame my misguided ideas and obsession with “refinement” on reading too many Alexandra Stoddard books in my late teens/early twenties.

Ekho says

Delicious. Relatable content.
I ate ash rolled camembert last night with taco flavoured corn chips. & fresh prawns cooked in lime juice. While drinking mid priced cider that gave me a headache. Beautiful cheese with terrible snacks is a wonderful way of life.

S. Elizabeth says

Oh my gosh, that sounds beautiful. You are LIVING.

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