I’m not sure there’s much point to doing a thing if you are only going to half ass it, but truth be told: I’m tired. Two days ago I drove halfway down the state for work reasons, spent the last 48 hours doing stressful social work things and today I drove back up the state to get home.  I’m beat, dammit.

But I also committed myself to writing certain things this year, one of them being a monthly series basically forcing me to talk about perfumes.  I’d like to get better at describing the things I like, properly articulating and sharing the reasons that someone else might like them too–and that’s why you’re likely seeing more Reviews of Things on the ol’ blargh right now. While I suppose I don’t have any trouble expressing an opinion about something, describing the qualities of something has always thrown me for a loop.  I don’t consider myself an expert in much of …well, anything really. So who am I to give an account of the characteristics or facets of a particular thing?  Well, I am trying, I suppose.

All this is to say is that I am too flipping exhausted to talk about any particular fragrance this month, so I am going to report on my goofier half’s impressions regarding some of the scents that I wear.  It’s not exactly creative writing, but it’s worth documenting, right?

So without further ado, here are some of my dude’s thinks on my favorite stinks:

Well, then. Make of this what you will.

Maika says

This cracked me up and also makes me miss you both. I hope your Mister is having a wonderful birthday. Come back soon. :)

tatiana says


Stephen says

I was going for a s"stanky" water on the fire vibe, but fair enough... ;-)

Elle says

"a woo-woo shop" LOVE it!

JW says

Is a woo-woo shop an Americanism for head shop?

S. Elizabeth says

Haha, sort of...but I think it's more the kind of new age shop where everyone's clutching crystals and claiming they can read your aura. But some of those places are headshoppy too, so it kinda fits!

lau says

hahah i love "you smell puuuuuurty". that makes me want to try that one. good job, yvan!

S. Elizabeth says

Yeah, I was totally surprised! I was certain that he was going to tell me that I smelled like a grandma, ha!

Laura says

I love this haha

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