5 Aug


Folks who know me are most likely familiar with a project that I have been working on for the past two years now – Skeletor Is Love: “Skeletor is experiencing the profound emptiness and isolation of human existence” and he is journeying “toward positive mental health through daily affirmations.” I created several social media accounts for this and for almost a year I updated it daily, but then began to slow it down about 8 months ago. Though it met with great success, this type of thing isn’t really meant to go on forever, you know?

I don’t own Skeletor and I technically never had permission to work with the character in the first place, but I figured since it was considered parody and my project was not for profit, it didn’t really matter.  I had fun with it, it helped people, and I was not trying to make any money off of it, so I figured the “powers that be” probably wouldn’t take issue with it.  And they never did. However, a recent incident in which I became aware that a popular chain store was carrying a tee shirt eerily similar to something I had created left me feeling rather out of sorts and frankly kind of grossed out by the whole thing.  I had no recourse because it wasn’t my character and I had no permissions in place – also, it’s not like I was making any money off of the project, so it’s not like anyone was taking money out of my pocket.  At the end of the day the only thing to do was to get over it.

And I suppose I am….but not just with regard to that situation.  I think I am “over it” in a broader sense, as well.  I always told myself that when I stop having fun doing the whole Skeletor is Love thing – then that’s it, it’s over. In the past few weeks I’ve found myself even dreading to think about it, never mind sitting down and create something new, so I realized it was time to call it a day and go out gracefully before I start getting resentful and bitter about it.

It was great fun while it lasted, I met some amazing people and learned quite a bit. I am grateful for the experience and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and encouragement and love that came from not just friends and family, but from complete strangers as well.  I think I can say without a doubt, it was truly a life changing journey.  And now that particular journey has come to an end.


Jessica says

I just want to say Thank You. Your SIL memes literally brightened up several of my days. I know I'm not alone in feeling grateful for your contribution to the world, disgust for the feeling you've been "infringed," and respect for how you're humbly handling the situation. You are amazing.

Christine says

So sad to see this end :(

Lisa says

Hi! Just want to offer some words of support. 1. Congratulations on a truly successful creative exercise (that brightened peoples' day regularly). 2. The way you handled questions regarding copyright infringement/seeking out legal counsel on Facebook was very respectful. Trolls who were quick to point out hypocrisy and answer with sarcasm probably don't exercise (or get paid for their) creativity on a regular basis. I work in a design-based field, and these are the types of questions we deal with on a daily basis. That's why we have an in-house legal team. 3. It takes an immense amount of time, energy, and skill (not to mention heart) to consistently generate content that connects to people. Not everyone can curate well. I wish you all the best!

Jesus westerheidy says

Dear friend:
It has been a pleasure and nice knowing you for all this time. Whenever that day you started posting. I always looked up to it and words of inspiration changes alot for a man. You've change alot of people in such good humor and positiveness. I thank you such kind words for you for putting that free time on your own. I always remeber those true worda "Skeletor IS Love". Peace

beez says

thanks for brightening so many of my days. you made my #100 days of happy posts more than once. congrats on accomplishing your goals with this project. skeletor will be missed.

todd says

I will miss Skeletor. I had many days confined to my house during cancer treatments and always got a boost from such wisdom. Best wishes to you going forward in whatever you do.

Mark says

Some of the self-help homilies, when coming out of Skeletor's mouth, were able to penetrate my mind and actually be helpful, which still just amazes me. Congrats to you for having a lovely idea and getting it out there to thousands of people for two years!

Maika says

I've enjoyed this project of yours immensely since the beginning and can't thank you enough for keeping it going for so long. I even had the pleasure of writing about it for work once (I'm pretty sure you saw the Geyser of Awesome post about it), but all of your reasons for winding down and calling it quits make sense. Still endings are bittersweet, even when they're very much on your own terms. I'm glad the archive will remain up as I'm sure we'll all benefit from a dose of Skeletor's affirmations on a regular basis.

S. Elizabeth says

That was you who wrote about it? OH! I did see it and I hoped it was you who wrote it, but always felt weird about asking. Thanks for making my day :D

sarah mae says

I just want to say, thank you for skeletor is love. It made me smile and less alone when I really needed it. Even gave me some hearty laughs when I needed them too. Much love and much respect to you and your project.

Dece Gherardini says

Thank you so much for your time and effort with SIL. I came upon this late in the 2 years, but I not only enjoyed the images but the messages. Best of fortunate in all of your future endeavors!

d_g says

well, if i didn't have a reason to avoid a certain crappy chain store, i certainly do now... thanks for all the laughs.

Stevani says

I have enjoyed your blog a lot, thank you for keeping the page live. Sometimes I will need a funny Skeletor motivator to pick me up.

e says

I think you should take the t-shirts as a complement and rather then go away in obscurity, you should let a few fans run the ship and continue the good things Skeletor is love was doing. To let it die admits defeat and is also kind of selfish. By continuing one maybe growing the page more could warrant enough attention that the powers that be do something about the t-shirt company making money off of both you and Skeletor.

another way to look at it, but you should not let sil die because of this.

g says

I think it's very unfair to call him selfish. This was his project. Now he has decided it's not making him happy anymore. End of story. There's a big difference between selfishness and self care and this decision is just an example of self-care.

To the author - Kudos for the great idea, great execution, and for bowing out gracefully when the time came.

Pete Zolli says

I'd like to add my thanx to the others, and say that I get your reasons for walking away, and respect them. I hope to encounter you elsewhere on the 'Net in the future, because you seem to embody a rare combination of smarts, humor and good intentions. I can never get enough of those things. :)

Anton says

Alas Skeletor! I will miss his strange positivism. But as ever on the internet, making the choices most mentally healthy for yourself is the only way to go, no matter what armchair quarterbacks have to say about it.

Myles says

Just added your page not too long ago. As silly as these memes were. They got me through tough days. Thank you!

Luna says

Dear everyone,
My apologies. Once again, the Curse of Luna has struck. What, pray tell is the Curse of Luna? Well, the Curse of Luna goes as follows: Whenever Luna discovers something cool, awesome, or fabulous, said thing will stop being produced within a month of her discovery. And since I discovered the fabulous Skeletor is Love a mere month ago, it is gone.

I am also responsible for the downfall of Firefly, Arrested Development, SatireWire, and various other awesome things. Terribly sorry! I will try harder to avoid the awesome areas of the internet and TV for a while.

j says


Melanie says

If you're that much of a bad omen, I have some suggestions of things you could start liking so I could be rid of them once and for all. :D

Drax says


crib keeper says

I love your work, and will follow you to the ends of the internet. SIL was perfection solely because of your genius, whatever is next- I'm in!

lau says

long live skeletor! <3

Melanie says

I would love to find a way to follow anything else you do. This really has been a positive thing for so many and definitely for me. I truly believe what you bring to the world makes it a better place, and though I love your page I'm glad you're cutting it off before it becomes toxic to you.

Leslie says

I just want to say thanks, for every update, for all the laughs and of course for all the wonderful affirmations. Good luck and I hope hear more from you really soon.

OTB says

Dear Skeletor--well if I remember correctly you had said once you'd only do it a year and I guess that old self had a lot of wisdom. When you get to the point of dreading a creation it is time to let it go, else you will be like Jim Davis just endlessly churning out Garfield comics forever and ever. I am glad you had fun with it while it lasted and I have to honestly say he cheered me through some rough afternoons.

Jennelle says

I will miss you immensely but I totally understand why you have decided to end Skeletor is Love after reading this....and I respect your decision!

Michelle says

Even though I discovered SIL a few weeks before its end, I will say, it has been uplifting and great. I even wrote a entry around one of your posts, just because it gave me inspiration and feeling on that particular day. Thanks again for all that you do!

Kristopher says

Thank you very much for your words of inspiration. Wherein your delivery was from an antagonist from childhood, it was an excellent reminder that we all can change. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to read some of these words and realize what change can do for a person. Perspective is every bit the difference between a bad day and a good day; Skeletor hit the proverbial nail on the head.

Jaudiel says

I still miss SIL. Good luck dude.

Jimmy says

A Skeletor-related instance of lazy content theft I saw today made me miss the fleeting joy of respectful and loving Skeletal advice popping up on my feed occassionally. On the upside I only now noticed this post and got the closure I needed, long may that shrine remain.
With love,

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