Butterfly in the heather

So today I learned that there is actually a difference between artists Albert Durer Lucas (1828 – 1918) who painted mostly detailed studies of foliage and flowers, and German Renaissance painter and printmaker, Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528). Somehow, even though I know who Dürer is, whenever I had seen the other guy’s name, I combined them into the same artist.

Albrecht Dürer did paint flowers, but they’ve got this feeling of grim, gloomy gravitas, and they’re nothing I would want to gather into a bouquet. They look like they might slap your hand and scold you! Albert Durer Lucas’ flora, however, looks like it’s housing a Richard Scarry menagerie of busy people and busy towns and seems much more inviting.

Anyway…the more you know!



Blue butterflies and wildflowers


Cultivated Flowers


Dragonfly and heather on a mossy bank


Hedge sparrow’s nest in a crab apple tree




Still life with flowers, eggs and a glass on a stone ledge


Bluebells and snowdrops


Vase of Flowers

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Dean says

I had never heard of Lucas before but doing a search for pictures of primula by D¨urer (who I know painted primula), brought up Lucas' paintings of primula too. I want to find out more about Lucas, but don't really find much. So after seeing this blog post in my search, I wonder if you could tell me where you found the images you included of Lucas' paintings? Is there a central website you found that included his work? Or do you know of a book? I searched for a book, but don't find anything. Thanks in advance if you should be so kind as to respond.

S. Elizabeth says

I found his works and snippets of his biography on a number of online galleries and auction sites, in addition to sites like artnet and wiki and artuk. I don't know of one website solely dedicated to his work, unfortunately. I scrabbled and patched it from all over the internet!

Sarah says


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