17 Oct

I am finally getting around to reading this stack of books, ostensibly about a healthy looking lass with barely concealed bosoms, named Angelique.  I picked them up at the start of the summer, rescued, on a whim, from a dusty, sagging particle board shelf in the shadowed corner of a cramped used book store.  I thought they would be light, campy summer reading.
They – the covers, at least -also reminded me a bit of how my mother once read the riot act to a nosy, churchy neighbor who had a problem with me, as a 10 year old, reading Clan of the Cave Bear (which I was thoroughly obsessed with at the time). I don’t remember it was a great book, and true, I was only reading it for the sexy bits, but thank you mom, for never censoring my reading.

Looking at the covers, you’d think this was a series of bodice-rippers, wouldn’t you?  Yet, from even a cursory glance on Good Reads I can see that this is a much beloved heroine – witty, charming, beautiful, utterly captivating – and that many readers have been swept away by her adventures, and even more, the writing is supposedly superb and the historical details are amazingly accurate. This is a collection of stories that people return to and re-read time and time again.

It is now October and I’ve barely read a single chapter. I paid the princely sum of $15 for all eight of these paperbacks and I really need to start getting my money’s worth from them.
Or at least read the sexy bits.

lau says

gosh, these sort of book covers are just the best. do a search for jeff jones -- i just happened upon his artworks and was blown awayyyy.

S. Elizabeth says

Lau! As in this artist https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/better-things-the-life-and-choices-of-jeffrey-catherine-jones ? I first became aware of Jeff Jones, leafing through my father's old stacks of Heavy Metal (though I don't think I realized who it was until years later). Sometimes now I get Jeff Jones' stuff confused with Boris Vallejo - but I love them both!

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