18 Oct

Hello, weirdos! Last month I polled you to see if there was anything you might like to ask me if I did a Q&A for YouTube. At least I think it was last month. Who knows anymore! Anyway, I appreciate your indulgence in what felt like an awfully fun way to connect with you all (and not at all an exercise in narcissism, nope, nope!)

I wanted to make sure I got to everyone’s questions, so this is a lengthy one–over 30 minutes long! Also, the audio is all over the place. I don’t know what I’m doing! But if you make it to the end though, there are some details for another giveaway I’m doing. If you’ve ever thought “wow, what does Sarah do with all of those perfume samples, or what happens if she ever buys an accidental second copy of a book, or does she have too many little pieces of art lying around and what becomes of it?” Well! I have not one BUT THREE boxes of such things, so I will be choosing three giveaway winners! Be sure to leave a comment on the video to be eligible to win.

P.S. I am doing a YouTube giveaway because I reached 10K Instagram followers. Yes! I know! That makes all the sense in the world is I bet what you’re thinking 😛

Lori says

I seriously feel like you and I are so much alike! Not knowing you personally, when I sit down with a cuppa and watch your videos or read your blog, I pretty much feel like I'm chatting with my bestie😁 Thanks for that! Also, if you figure out a way to curb the art, book, jewellery and fume collecting... do share your secret! I'm in the same boat! 😄 Of course, I have yet to WANT to curb it... but, you know, we all do only have so much real estate 😆

S. Elizabeth says

Aw, thank you so much for the kind words! And truly, that's really what I'm aiming for, some whispered chats and conversations through the ether :)

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