Over at Haute Macabre today you will find a media extravaganza! Take a peek at Stacked to grow your autumn reading list and afterward, head on over to Aural Fixation to learn more about our current earworms and sonic obsessions!

Bonus: my pick for most dangerously, painfully haunted melodies of all time: The Parlour Trick’s A Blessed Unrest 

Bonus no. 2:  My pick for otherworldly sonic explorations: Jill Tracy’s Immortal Collection



What have you all been reading and/or listening to this October?


Anja says

I've been listening to "Hiss Spun" nonstop since it came out. It fits so perfect into this season and my mood.
My pile of unread books gets higher and higher. The last book I read was "My cousin Rachel". Currently I'm reading short stories by Joyce Carol Oates; the title is "Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque". And I cannot wait until "The Alienist" by Caleb Carr will arrive (should be tomorrow). Since the show will only air in January 2018, I should be able to read at least the first book.

S. Elizabeth says

Oh, yes--I read My Cousin Rachel earlier in the year, when I found out there was going to be a movie! And wow, The blows my mind that's it's taken someone so long to do something with this...I can't remember when I read it, but it's going to need a re-visit for sure before I start watching! I'm intrigued by the Joyce Carol Oates book; I tried to read Bellefleur earlier in the year but it was just...too...much. Maybe starting with some short stories is the way to go?

Anja says

Oh, I had the same reason to read My Cousin Rachel, but have not seen the movie yet. The trailer was much darker as the book.
So far I have only read a few short stories from that Joyce Carol Oates book and the are all quite different. One is set in a world similar to The Handmaidens Tale, but they are mostly not "pure horror".The german cover was rather misleading, but that happens a lot.
By the way, I have listened to Mirel Wagner the whole day... gloomy perfection.

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