fuck cancer auction

Women are the gateway:
Guardians of the heart,
Keepers of the hearth,
Weavers of the womb,
Sisters of the moon,
Healers of the bones,
Holders of the tomes.
Women are the world.

When I learned that my creative friends were coming together today with a benefit auction to support artist Heather Jean Skawold’s (@Callunajean on instagram, and of DellamorteCo.) mother in her fight against Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer, I thought that the very least I could do was give it a signal boost over here at Unquiet Things. I lost my own mother to cancer back in 2013 and know the feelings of frustration and helplessness that families, friends, and loved ones experience when someone beloved to them goes through such an ordeal. Anything you can do, even the smallest things, are helpful in keeping those feelings of hopelessness at bay…and if you are supporting a worthwhile cause, well naturally, that’s even better.

Elle of Chase & Scout jewelry (featured previously at Unquiet Things) shared the following with me about this wonderful endeavor…

“@Callunajean has been sharing posts about her mother who had just been diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, including sharing posts of shaving off her own hair in support. For those that don’t know @callunajean, she is the art director for @dellamorteco and the artist and designer behind @saintcalluna. When Calluna posted about her mother’s diagnosis, another friend had just wrapped up a benefit auction on her IG and I was in the process of putting together a milestone giveaway – I realized I’d much rather do something with true impact. I asked Calluna if she’d be comfortable with it, and we decided to try it out. Calluna and I reached out to our own friends in the community whose artwork resonated with us and I think we have put together a fantastic package.”

Included in the auction are:

+ From the heart, Calluna hand applied silver leaf to a @dellamorteco anatomical heart vase, it’s one of a kind and truly spectacular

+ Signed silkscreen prints of powerful and magical women from @poisonappleprintshop

+An absolutely gorgeous velvet dress collar by @inthechalkgarden

+Pin and a pair of those-to-die for snake-handled scissors from @thecreepingmuseum

+An amethyst and sterling adjustable snake ring from @chaseandscoutjewelry

Starting now, just place a bid in comments of this instagram post (I’ve already bid, come say hi!) and they will be accepting bids through Saturday night. The highest bidder will be contacted with an invoice, and once paid items will ship via fedex ground with signature. The donation will be made to Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance.

Donate to a worthy cause and bid to win a collection of art you’ll love for life!

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Maggie says

I love the velvet collar!

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