I’ve been doing a lot of book promo lately for The Art of Darkness: A Treasury of the Morbid, Melancholic and Macabre, but if you just stumbled across my little hidey-hole here on the internet, you might not realize that I published my first book, The Art of the Occult: A Visual Sourcebook For The Modern Mystic, in the autumn of 2020!

You can still find it in a bunch of places and because I am a total uncool dork who just googled my book on the internet, I will tell you that you can find it at Ritualcravt, at Gametee, and at Sideshow Gallery Chicago, all of whom posted very excellent photos of the book on their website and who hopefully will not mind if I share them in a little gallery here today with you all.

Do you have photos of The Art of the Occult on your shelves, in your bookbags, clasped within your creepy little claws? Please post and tag me on your various social medias, I would love to see them!


The Art of the Occult at GameTeeUK


The Art of the Occult at Ritual Cravt


The Art of the Occult at Sideshow Gallery Chicago

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