Grim Gastronomy, Creepy Cuisine: A Macabre Cookbook Collection

At Haute Macabre this week, I talk about some very important things: my cookbook collection. Let no one say that I don’t have my priorities straight!

TL;DR The cookbooks listed in this article are: Feeding Hannibal: A Connoisseur’s CookbookDamn Fine Cherry Pie: And Other Recipes from TV’s Twin PeaksDeath Warmed Over: Funeral Food, Rituals, and Customs from Around the WorldThe Decadent Cookbook: Recipes of Obsession and ExcessDeath & Co. Classic Modern CocktailsChas Addams Half-Baked CookbookThe Dark Shadows CookbookSon of the Martini Cookbook

Impaire says

Yes. but... Where is the cutting board from? It's delightful and seems well made!

S. Elizabeth says

Ah! Yes, isn't it beautiful? That's from Pine Box Designs (@pineboxdaddy on Instagram).

impaire says

It is wonderful, and thank you so much for the reference. They don't seem to have this precise model in stock right now, but I will be stalking them!

S. Elizabeth says

I'm not sure if it's in stock per se, as I believe all of the boards are carved to order. But here is the same one (more or less--he does note that no two are alike) that I ordered, and it looks like the design is still available, if you are interested

impaire says

Ha, but the one you linked does not have a gutter, and where then would all the nice b... juice go?

I may contact him still, thanks for looking it up for me :)

S. Elizabeth says

Ah, fair point! And I guess that goes to show that I've been looking at mine more than I've been using it ;)

Definitely get in contact with him and ask--good luck!

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