On Saturday I had the distinct honor to talk with with my good friend Gus for Story Corps about the Pulse tragedy in Orlando last June. We discuss grief, survivor’s guilt, intersectionality and death care, among other things.

Gus writes about it at Death In The Gay Den today, where you will find a link to the entire interview, I hope you’ll take a moment to listen.

I should also note that, although she doesn’t remember telling me this, my sister encouraged me several years ago to “do one thing every day that scares you”. I was freaking out so badly about this that I think it should count as three days worth of anxiety-inducing initiatives!

Gus says

I'm so glad you made it, even if it was the most mortifying experience ever all around. x

S. Elizabeth says

It actually wasn't mortifying at all, not even a bit! I spend a lot of time worrying and fretting and working myself up into an anxious froth over nothing, most of the time, and I know that, but it doesn't seem to stop my heart from beating out of my chest like a nervous chihuahua anytime I undertake any endeavor at all!

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