Curses, Inc., Tristan Elwell, 1997, oil on board.

My AC has been out for five days, and I’m hot and tired and existing in a sort of fever dream fugue state, but I wanted to get it together for long enough to share some art that I am SO freaking beyond excited about in the pages of my forthcoming book, The Art of Fantasy: A Visual Sourcebook Of All That Is Unreal.

Fantastical artists pictured here, names all out of order because I cobbled all these words together from something I already posted on Instagram: Chie Yoshii, Colleen Doran, Paul Lewin, Tristan Elwell, Julie Bell, Atsuko Goto, Brom, Carrie Ann Baade, Julie Dillon, Victo Ngai. And I would love to include 200 more artworks in this post, but why would you bother buying the book if I did? Hee hee!

And don’t forget to get your preorder goodies, including a signed bookplate, by clicking on this link and doing whatever it tells you to do. I don’t honestly remember. I’m too hot!


Red Lady, Gerald Brom, 2015, oil.


CHARACTER III, Atsuko Goto, 2022, pigments, gum arabic, Japanese ink, gold powder, silver powder, silver leaf, gold mica, natural mineral pigments, lapis lazuli on glued cotton cloth.


Visionary, Carrie Ann Baade, 2018, oil on canvas.


Hemera, Chie Yoshii, 2014, oil on wood panel.


Cover art for Snow, Glass, Apples by Neil Gaiman, Dark Horse Comics, Colleen Doran, 2019, pen and ink.


Little Sister, Julie Bell, 2011, oil on panel.


Medusa II, Julie Dillon, 2022, digital.


Arrival on Ganymede, Paul Lewin, 2021, acrylic on wood.


Frogfolio Utopia, Victo Ngai, 2012, mixed media with digital.

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