12 Feb

I’ve a habit of constantly hunting down new music, new sounds, new treats for my ears. If I am not listening to something new, I feel like I am stagnating, suffocating. I suppose it’s not really fair to all the great old stuff I like (as in …older than last week) because I never listen to the same thing twice anymore! Oh well, there are worse problems to have.

So then: I don’t know about you, but I do love to share my obsessions with like-minded folks and kindred spirits, and as such I think I will regularly start to feature the new things on heavy rotation for me, in a once monthly (or whatever, don’t hold me to a schedule)
For Your Ears posting.  Don’t expect lengthy reviews; I know what I like but it’s often difficult to articulate exactly why I like something, so you won’t find that here.  Nonetheless, I hope that you will find something you enjoy!


More new stuff from The Twilight Sad, who sound like all the music I never listened to when I was younger.


Xunolm, Asleep in the Shattered Mirror. “…a perfect score for some rustbelt cyberpunk dystopia, or a futuristic zombie apocalypse. It’s both sterling shining chrome and crumbling decadence” (via forestpunk)


Dreamy folkstress Marissa Nadler covering Elliott Smith


A new solo project featuring some live sets from Eric Quach, one of my favorite drone artists.


New music from Atlanta’s Royal Thunder, whose second album, Crooked Doors, will be out in April.


“…briny doom-laden folktronica” from Snow Ghosts.


Transcend, from Ahimsa, released inDecember of 2014.  Not sure what to say about it. It falls under post-rock.  I like post-rock.


Stephan Mathieu’s Nachtstücke is a “limitless sonic aura” which “forges eveningness as a tangible, sensible thing”.


The Unthanks’ latest album is “filled to the brim with the epic, the grandiose, and the fairytale-­esque.” (via forfolkssake)

Daniel says

I struggle with the same problem. I'm mostly listening to newer music and have a hard time going back and revisiting really good, older music. I have come up with a system that helps, using a few playlists or folders to flag particularly amazing music, and organize it by year or record label. I have been kind of a bit lazier with finding new music, but finding a lot more stuff I stick with.

Plus, I kind of got sucked into the vinyl world. I only buy stuff I think is in the "all time best ever" category, and play most of that when chilling at home. Anyway, I get the struggle!

S. Elizabeth says

You know it's such a simple idea (well now that you've pointed it out, it seems that way, heh) to organize a few folders by year - I seriously never would have thought of that! For someone with as many weird anxieties as I have, you'd think I'd have a little more organization and a little less chaos...but sadly, that is not the case!

And yeah, as far as physical media I have exactly two record albums. I've got to really, REALLY love it to buy it in a medium that I have to shelve...and possibly organize at some later date ;)

Daniel says

Yeah, totally. At this point I have maybe 15 records, I've been quite selective about the whole process. It helps that vinyl records usually make cool wall art, too. Did you check out that new Kreng album yet? Yeesh, so good, and the vinyl art is beautiful.

S. Elizabeth says

Ooh, well. I have been listening to snippets of it as they've been posted/leaked/released over the last few months or so and it's some really unsettling stuff. Although...ha, I guess that's not really any surprise, is it?
I've not heard the entire thing or purchased it yet, though. Will definitely have to purchase it.

JW says

Maybe you will like this artist? Kinda operatic/industrial/electronic https://tanyatagaq.com/

lau says

always such great sounds. thanks for sharing!

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