3 Sep

81mEFcNf0fLThis “discovery” feels a bit like one of those pieces of information I’d already researched and mentally filed away, and then, at some point in time, scrubbed all memory of the occurrence. Today when I unearthed the artist responsible for one of my favorite childhood book covers, I thrilled to the revelation for maybe three seconds before thinking…but… wait…don’t I already know this? After some thought, I’m pretty sure I had already found this once before and then promptly forgot it. Old news, I guess. But still pretty neat!

For posterity’s sake then, I am noting that the cover art for Richard Peck’s Ghost I Have Been was created by sci-fi and fantasy artist Rowena Morrill. You know, for when I inevitably forget this all over again.

Here’s a fantastic facebook gallery of her works, which no doubt contains a cover or two that you will recognize: there’s cover art for magazines such as Weird Tales, Creepy, And Heavy Metal, along with accompanying cover illustrations for books by beloved genre favorites such as Anne McCaffrey, Ursula K.Le Guin, Madeline L’Engle, Robert McCammon, Piers Anthony, and even a few H.P. Lovecraft collections! And then there’s this one with a cape-wearing baby-faced leather daddy Hitler riding a motorbike. Yikes. They can’t all be winners.


Allison says

So very many of those covers have graced my bookshelves, or have peered at me from my favorite used bookstore's fantasy section! What a fun trip down memory lane/reminder that I should reread more classic fantasy!

Theodora says

Wow it's so beautiful and haunting. Thank you for sharing with us!

Mwl says

From a librarian's perspective, I would love to know how you found out who this artist was!

S. Elizabeth says

I wish I had a better answer but it was something I found by accident, while looking for something else! I think it had something to do with occult art.

HOWEVER, I can tell you that this one of the easier searches. If you google "ghosts I have been" + "cover art", it is one of the very first, if not the absolute first search result.

If only they were all this easy!

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