31 Jul


Ok, so. I’ve been blogging and writing for over two decades. It’s probably about time I made one of these accounts for myself. If you’ve enjoyed my ramblings on fashion, perfume, art, books or horror; or perhaps my writings and reflections on matters of mortality, grief & loss & trauma, mental health, or hell, even my old Skeletor Is Love content, please consider supporting my work through Ko-fi, a platform which allows creators to receive money from fans of their content. Anyone who clicks my link can support me with a ‘coffee’ (a small payment that is roughly equal to the price of a coffee).

In full disclosure, I didn’t think I was ever going to make one of these “please consider donating to support my writing” things. But…I remember following a blog back in 2010 or so; it was a fairly popular art blog where the guy shared a lot of imagery, but he misrepresented the information half the time, and when he wasn’t getting shit dead wrong, he just didn’t bother sharing artist credit at all! And if this dumb-dumb could slap a “please consider donating to support my curation work!” on his blog, then surely I can be afforded the same indulgence. And unlike that asshole, I think my work is actually worth something. Ahem.

So anyway! Yeah, I did post something at the beginning of the year about the trepidation I had about being paid for my work. It might place an obligation on me that I would come to resent, I didn’t want to create any expectation levels, etc. etc. I still feel those things, and so I would probably never set up a Patreon, for example. Or do free-lance writing for pay. Too much stress! Nope! But a little donation link that I can put on my “about” page and I don’t even have to think about 99% of the time? I mean, why not?

So, If you like what you read here, throw me a couple bucks every now and then.

But you don’t have to, you know?

I’m going to write anyway.

Solstice Lilac says

For a fleeting half second I thought this was you, even though you've said several times that the Skeletor is Love project is toast:


Apologies if you've been sent these a million times.

S. Elizabeth says

I had not seen this! Nope, not me. I was super cautious regarding making money off of the stuff that I did, it was not something I wanted any part of. A lot of folks wanted me to do tee shirts and calendars and stickers and pins and whatnot, but that just did not seem like a good idea. Plus, I wasn't doing it to capitalize off of the idea. But mostly, I mean...these are licensed characters and I didn't want any trouble. So if you see anyone selling anything similar to or related to Skeletor is Love, you can rest assured that it is not me!

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