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It’s getting to be that time of year again. That time wherein you, with growing unease and guilt which will soon turn to a strange resentment, realize that it’s the eighth year in a row you’ve promised yourself that you wouldn’t forget to send holiday cards out to friends and loved ones and yet here you are waiting until the very last minute and it’s very likely that you don’t even have all of the addresses that you need.  You certainly don’t have any actual cards handy.

(And speaking of cards, your cousin sends out cards in a timely fashion every single year, and she even hand-makes them for God’s sake.  Why can’t you be more like your cousin?)

When it comes to store bought greeting cards, if you are anything like me, you most likely don’t care overly much for the dopey, saccharine offerings immediately available in your Barnes & Noble or Hallmark or where ever normal people do their shopping for such things. Babies in mangers and wise men and red nosed children building snowmen? UGH. GROSS.

In this vein I’ve* put together a Hexmas card list brimming with dark themes and weird imagery from artisans whose aesthetics I greatly admire.  Below you’ll find humor and beauty and even a bit of naughtiness; Krampus and ghosts and cats – a little bit of something for everyone! Or, well, at least folks like us.

And of course, if you think there is something/someone I have missed – please let me know in the comments!

*with thanks to Becky, Jamie, and Kate for your suggestions!


Caitlin McCarthy Art


Black Metal il_570xN.683544096_7v1h



Heretical Sexts




Dana Glover



Kat Philiben



Poison Apple Print Shop

IMG_4088-500x500 IMG_9123-500x500


Haunting Impressions


The Conjurers Kitchen
 (You can eat them! Made with luxury rice paper & edible ink)

Krampus pack 1-2dead birds pack-1



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