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A few years ago I was chatting online with a friend and I recall something they said that fucked with my head a little. A lot, if I’m honest. That wasn’t their intent, and they weren’t trying to do anything other than talk about their own personal style and preferences, but for some reason it really impacted me. They said something to the effect that they didn’t tend to go for things that were “too on the nose.”

I thought about that in terms of the 50 million plastic sparkly skulls lying around my house and the halloween decorations up year round and all of the ways that darkness and weirdness took shape in my home and the way I dressed, and I got really embarrassed. Thinking maybe I was too dorky and kitschy and lowbrow and too obvious or something. Again, I know they didn’t intend this, but I really overthink things and I tend to grab on to things people say about themselves and somehow make it all about me and that’s no one’s fault but my own.

Anyway, over the years, I’ve internalized that conversation, trying to make my dark and strange aesthetic inclinations more posh or abstract or avant garde or whatever. I don’t know why I’m so influenced by what people think and say, but I am, and that’s what happened.

I’ve been trying to let that go recently. It’s okay to be a little on the nose, I think. It doesn’t mean you’re a dumb-dumb and you have no depths. And it’s a lot of fun, sometimes. And you should just like what you like and not worry about making it palatable for anyone else.

SO… here is my How To Wear a very on-the-nose Halloween.

Bill Crisafi Slut for October tee // Margaret Howell Midi Pinafore Dress // Em & Sprout Halloween Knit Cardigan // Audition Geometric  Eyeglasses // Every Day is Halloween Tote Bag by Crowtesque // GANNI T-strap creeper shoes // Arcana Obscura Tapophile ring and Spiderweb necklace // Tamara Comolli Green Peridot Acorn Pendant // Amelia Ray Pumpkin ring // Beth Cyr Vine & Leaf ring // Cosabella cami & hotpants // Myssy Noki Lumi beret // LUSH Devil’s Nightcap // Smashbox Legends of Horror lipstick in Bride of Frankenstein // Sugarpill Cosmetics Pumpkin Spice eyeshadow


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