This weekend I married my comrade in adventure, my ally in mischief, and my kindred spirit in silliness. We are each other’s no. 1 biggest fan in all the best ways and none of the Annie Wilkes ways! And though we’ve been together a decade now and really, marriage is not going to change anything all that much…still…everything does feel a little different now, somehow?

We did it up very small. Just a backyard ceremony at his parent’s house with five other individuals in attendance. And a dog and some ducks and a big bumblebee which landed in my bouquet!

I didn’t want anything too overwhelming or to have anyone (including and especially me) to put too much work into any aspect of this, and this extended to what I wore. I think I kept it fairly simple. This pretty olive green linen dress from Of Her Own Kind, a pair of little brown boots that I purchased used, a straw hat with an Anne of Green Gables vibe, some shawls that I knit myself, and a bouquet that I made from some grocery store sunflowers.

And for perfume? I wore Rose 31 from Le Labo, a rose blurred from the edges completely inward by woodsy aromatic mosses and sweetly musky resins. Yvan once told me that he thought it smells like his childhood Mossman Masters of the Universe toy and I smile thinking about those fuzzy green muscles, every time I spray this subtle elegant scent.

It was a beautiful day and I never actually thought I was going to get married (it sounds pitiful, but I had convinced myself that I wasn’t the sort of person that people want to marry) and so…of course, I had to make a How To Wear ensemble for it. And with a few exceptions, this is indeed what I wore.

I envisioned a Ghibli-inspired wedding with flying machines & enigmatic ghosts & adorable monsters & artful nostalgia & enchanted worlds within worlds…but as I mentioned, I don’t want any work or fuss and I didn’t want to spend more than $15 on this stuff so I just wore my cute straw hat and pretended.

Ghibli-inspired wedding ensemble





Angeliska Polacheck says

This all makes my heart explode with joy! Felicitations on y’all’s nuptials! Aaaaand aaaaaah melt/swoon at the sweetness of your ensemble!

S. Elizabeth says

Thank yooooouuu so much! And THANK YOU FOR THE NUDGE! Really, you're the one who made this happen!

Stephanie says

Congratulations! You look beautiful and so happy! I love the dress, shoes, and sun hat with the sun flowers. You look like a character in a Studio Ghibli film. I also had a small wedding but it was in grandparent’s living room. Yay for small weddings!

S. Elizabeth says


Melissa Kojima says

Congrats! How very wonderful! Love the outfit. I love that a bee landed in your bouquet. I love the way you and he described your scent. Sounds so blissful. And what food did you eat? Did you make some of your amazing breads or soups? I bet it was a wonderful shindig.

S. Elizabeth says

Thank you! And I am somewhat ashamed to say that I barely lifted a finger. His parents arranged for the officiant to come out, and his mother made a cake and a traditional Icelandic supper of smoked lamb and potatoes!

Sierra says

Congratulations!!! So great you celebrated the day exactly how you wanted too.

S. Elizabeth says

Thank you! And I'm so grateful that I was able to do it like that...whew!

Drax says

Oh my GOD!


S. Elizabeth says

Thank you! It's been a long time coming, but we got there eventually!

John C says


S. Elizabeth says

Thank you so much! Still feels weird and unreal!

Impaire says

Congratulations! There is something magical in being in love enough to do something so silly as getting married together. At least that how I felt getting married :)

S. Elizabeth says

"So silly as getting married"!! I love it!

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