While I love all flowers equally for purposes of viewing and daydreaming about and thinking upon with a goofy, gauzy sigh, “gosh, isn’t it grand that flowers are a thing that exist?” I will admit to a fondness for a certain kind of floral in terms of my wardrobe and personal adornment. Which…I think is no secret to anyone at this stage in the game but I always feel like I have to give these things an intro, so consider yourselves introducted at this point. Gloomy, moody florals, I like ’em!

So…here is another ensemble inspired by ghost haunted blooms, and more specifically, the somber still life paintings and moody floral masterpieces of Juan de Arellano.


Yohji Yamamoto floral print dress // Prada Monolith platform sandals // Alexander McQueen skull-motif scarf // Lonely Label Delilah Bodysuit // Miu Miu embellished sunglasses // Eliurpi Nouveau straw sun hat // Dolce&Gabbana Baroque small leather crossbody bag // Hedonist Iris Absolute Eau de Parfum by Viktoria Minya // Byredo DYSCO eyeshadow palette // Milagrosa Magdalena by Virgins Saints and Angels // Amali Jewelry tanzanite ring // Atelier Narce Pollux ring // Victorian Diamond Shield Ring  // Young In The Mountains Cerclen ring

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