Hellraiser Frank and Julia

We’ve all been there. It’s Friday night; you’re tearing up your closet–shoes strewn all over the floor, blouses crumpled and flung all up in the ceiling fan. You’re growling and muttering anxious curses, butterflies flapping their stupid wings in your guts… and you just don’t know what to wear on your first date with that super cute wolf man who works in accounting.

No, seriously, he’s a wolf man. He’s in the accounting department. You walked past him a million times before and never noticed him until he nearly bit your face off that one time when you were both working late during last month’s full moon.

And now he’s asked you out to dinner!

It’s the age-old dilemma, isn’t it? What to wear on a date with a monster? I mean monsters, they’ve seen it all, right? Some have been around for millennia and certainly have been around the block a time or two. How could you, a mere human, possibly hope to wow or impress one of these dastardly fiends? Never fear; I am here to help.

See below for some fabulous wardrobe suggestions for dates with your savage sweetie or beastly bae, whether you’re sexing up the swamps, inviting them home to flay your folks alive, or just spending some quality time together destroying a major metropolis. Sadly, except for the first one below (updated today, 2.14.23!)  these ensembles were all created in Polyvore, that magic, tragic, treacherous website that up and disappeared one day. So, no, there are no longer any details in the items I used.

Date Night With Frankenhooker

Date Night When You’re The Unicorn, And You Don’t Know Which One Is The Monster

Date Night With The Shadowy Thing In The Crypt
Date Night With Indeterminate Monster Of Nordic Origin
ritual monster
Date Night With Cthulhu
Blind date.
Date night with Frank.
Date night with Godzilla
Date night with a werewolf
Date with Death.
Date night with Swamp Thing
 Date night with a bear who used to be a man but his ex was a sorceress. Long story.
Date night with a wolf who used to be a bear who used to be a man.wolfman

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