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My little brain train needs a rest and reset. I have been foggy and sick for over a week now and I have been trying to work and write and think– and the ol engines aren’t chugging and choo-chooing like they should. Or…like…at all, if we’re being honest.

Sometimes when I am feeling this way, playtime is what’s called for. A few moments of letting my brain dream up something fun, a low-stakes little puzzle that engages me creatively but the outcome of which doesn’t feel like the world will come crumbling down around my ears if it’s not perfect.

So I thought I might put together an outfit for the first few days of autumn. Something that felt a little spooky and silly and which is also actually a “How To Wear A Slick Satan Tee Shirt” ensemble, too, I guess, because I sure do love that Barbie’s SCREAMHOUSE top! Something I would totally wear from the top of that black straw hat to the toes of those utilitarian mary janes…if I had the money to afford any of this, and if the weather would allow for it. (Spoiler: I do not have that money and it’s hot pea soup out there until December. The weather will most certainly not allow for it.)

Anyway, unscrambling one’s epizootie-scrambled brain takes time, and I will be patient with myself. And maybe just play for a while.


Slick Satan Screamhouse tee // Comme Des Garçons pinafore // Peserico v-neck cardigan // Maison Close Lace Mid-Calf Lace Socks // Marni ridged-sole Mary Jane // Stolen Girlfriends Club Hiss Satchel // bloodmilk moontime and heart necklaces // Anthony Lent moonface ring // Atelier Narce Sibilla Festiva ring // Arcana Obscura Annabel Lee ring & Memento Mori Band// Rituel de Fille The Black Orb Iron Dark Red Kohl Eyeliner // Cirque Colors Mystic Moonstone Nail Polish // Warby Parker Sonia Eyeglasses // bloodmilk X BPAL Silky Bat perfume // Clyde Black Caro Hat // Lise Charmel underthings // Maryann Held Heirloom carryall pouch


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