This is cross-posted from the Haute Macabre blog today, but I think in my effort to post once a day in February, this should count as a post here, too!

I’ve been struggling lately. I know I am not alone; I believe we all encounter this particular phenomenon in the 21st century and I don’t think it necessarily does me any good belaboring the point, if not only to say that yes–I too suffer from this modern-day affliction of social media comparisons. Sometimes when I log into Instagram and see person X, Y, or Z being successful and ambitious and motivated, it just makes me feel like a big, stupid blob in the shape of a human.

And yes, yes, I know, we all know, that Instagram and Facebook, etc., are just highly curated, specific aspects of people’s lives and no one knows what is going on behind the scenes. I have some friends who have written so beautifully and articulately on this subject and of course, it all makes so much sense when you’re reading these thoughts and nodding your head and saying “yes, yes that is SO TRUE!” But…sometimes knowing these things on an intellectual level doesn’t do your sensitive, vulnerable heart an ounce of good when you happen scroll across the accounts of certain individuals and then all of your insecurities and fears are triggered and you begin the lousy-feeling blobular spiral. And so, sometimes, it’s better not to look at all. Or at least…spend a lot less time looking.

I’ve been trying to recall how I spent my time before I was constantly and routinely peeping in on people’s lives and projects and purchases and press events on social media. I think I had some interesting past times and habits, possibly? I finally remembered how I used to be in eternal pursuit of the perfect new album, and would spend hours reading new music reviews and listening to everything that came across my radar. I used to channel my frustrated and untrained artistic inclinations into things like creating little fantasy outfits and stories to go along with them. Oh, yeah. My languishing How To Wears. I forgot about how much I loved them!

So in an effort to remind myself of the things I like to do and the things that I have a knack for, here are a few recent ensembles I have pieced together, and as an extra something, I’ve shared the new (to me) music I was listening to when I created them!

P.S. If you’re looking for the item particulars included in the feature set, you can find them here. Accompanying album: Demonologia by Mala Herba

P.P.S. I have made this disclaimer before but it’s been awhile: sometimes some of these things may be sold out. I’m sorry! It happens! And most of these things are not budget-friendly. I don’t have economical daydreams!

How To Wear Your Personal Blog’s Long Overdue Makeover

Gucci floral trenchcoat // Deva Lace Dress by Alcoolique // Mateo Black Velvet Pearl choker // Severine lingerie set // Lavin bracelet // Sylva & Cie jade ring & beryl ring // SUUQU eyeliner // Gucci The Voice of the Snake Eau de Parfum // Simone Rocha Shoulder Bag // Jimmy Choo Mari Velvet Lace-Up Pumps // Swarovski cuff // Fendi Sunglasses

Accompanying album: Kim Boekbinder’s Split the Light

How To Wear A YouTube Video About the Books You Are Currently Reading

H&M rib knit cardigan // Void Merch “All My Crushes Are On Book Covers” tee // Cosabella lingerie // 7 For All Mankind Roxanne Midrise jeans (for people who still wear jeans nowadays, ha!) // Warby Parker Leta glasses // Fancy UGGs // Samantha Pleet illuminated socks // Felcia Chao pigeon tote // Pyrrha Andromeda talisman necklace // Blanca Monrós Gómez opal solitaire ring // Anna Sheffielf East/West solitaire ring // bloodmilk X BPAL Books perfume oil // Honey House Naturals lip butter

Accompanying album: Melonday by Tomo Nakayama

Melmeister says

I don't know why, but the fact that you include underwear sets in these makes me deeply uncomfortable.

When did I become such a prude?

S. Elizabeth says

Well...would it be better or worse if they were starkers under their clothes???

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