10 Nov

How to wear arts headerLook, I’ll be honest with you. I started doing these How To Wear posts for two reasons: one, because I think the majority How To Wear blog posts and magazine articles are pretty dumb. I mean, most competent people with a little bit of imagination can figure out how to wear a pair of jeans or a bomber jacket, right? So, I thought, hey, why not how to wear something ridiculous or obscure or okay ,for the most part, how to wear something related to one of my weird interests. How to wear tarot decks, how to wear your favorite poem, what to wear upon greeting death, that sort of thing.

But there was also another reason. A way dumber reason: I have spent, like 2/3 of the last 8 years over on polyvore and no way, no how, is all that time going to waste. I created a lot of stuff! Well, “created”. You know what I mean. So these silly How To Wear posts on Unquiet Things are a way to both showcase those creations and make me feel better about my minor obsession with a major internet time suck.

In this How To Wear installment we are looking to your (my) favorite artists and their gorgeous creations, for wardrobe inspiration. One could explore this in a very literal sense: for example, intricate, swirled pen and ink line work echoed in an elaborately embellished art deco frock paired with laser-cut filigree leather shoes. Or perhaps more figuratively… the slinky folds of an artfully constructed little black dress evoking the sensual thrill of an erotic three panel black and white comic.

See below for several ensembles inspired by paintings, photographs, illustrations and woodcuts, artists both contemporary and from bygone eras. Click on each image for a polyvore page with a listing of all of the items and brands used.

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stained glass poppies







Ellen Rogers




Daiana says

What an idea! Never thought of transposing my cultural taste into fashion.
As a child I only daydreamed about how it would have been if I could wear all the Titanic movie costumes on the street. I was barely 10 years old :))

Loved your post!


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