If you caught my dream-post the other day, then the theme of this ensemble may make some amount of sense to you. As much as such things, can, I suppose. Anyway, I don’t feel the need to explain myself–those who know, know!

And to all the nitpicky fashionistas and history-buffs who might have complaints about Edwardian authenticity or who may critique anachronistic eras intermingling, my reply is this: go be that bothersome, pedantic know-it-all somewhere else, please. It’s called dream couture honey, look it up!

In any case, I was just looking for an excuse to build an outfit around that amazing silk bat scarf. You can find the individual details below, but quite honestly, a lot of this stuff is going to be sold out or long gone, because I went waaa-aaay back in the archival hinterlands of my virtual closet for many of the elements included here. I think that’s okay, though– much like the production of PG Wodehouse’s Dracula, this accompanying costume is part of an imaginary dream world, as well.


Alexander McQueen layered silk-satin trimmed wool and lace coat // Diane von Furstenberg Maxi Dress with Sheer Overlay // Lonely Delilah lace bra & briefs // Gerbe Plumetis stay ups // Ronsantica evening bag // Sergio Rossi Camilla Leather Ankle Boots // Bacchus the bat silk scarf // Ralph Lauren gold-plated tassel necklace // Dust to Dust ring by Magaret Cross // Rose gold mini Hecate ring from Bloodmilk // Black Rose from Erstwhile at Catbird NYC // Prospect glasses from Valley Eyewear // Tempo Eau de Parfum by Diptyque // Rituel de Fille Envious Inner Glow Crème Pigment

Melmeister says

I mean, technically, my only objection is that Dracula isn't Edwardian, not really. It was published in 1897; there were still about 3.5 years left of Queen Victoria's reign. God save the Queen!

I bet she would have liked that Diptyque perfume, though.

S. Elizabeth says

No, I wasn't referring to Dracula being Edwardian, I was referring to PG Wodehouse and Wooster and Jeeves! I'm not even sure on that. ANYWAY. Don't be that person!

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