Kazimierz Stabrowski
Inside me are two wolves and they are both paintings by Kazimierz Stabrowski.


Amelia Bauerle
when they won’t shut tf up about meal prepping


Henry Meynell Rheam
when you didn’t do it but if you *did* do it maybe they deserved it


Max Frey
don’t talk to me or my giant sea slug ever again


Frederick Sandys
not me definitely poisoning your ass


Cosmè Tura
get in loser, we’re seeking out irreverent mischief


Prieto Muriana
When you’re an eternally cursed creature of the night, but you got places to be.


Esteban Maroto
if your nighttime skincare routine doesn’t involve separating your head from your body what are you even doing

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Drax says


Amanda says

I love the picture of Pamela Anderson in final and true form.

S. Elizabeth says

Ha, YES! Pam has truly leveled up!

Cordelia says

Beautiful art as always ❤️

Emera says

Love the art, love the attitude!

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