The Art of Fantasy (interior) L: Tino Rodriguez // R: Andy Kehoe Art

Here are some more peeks for you at various image spreads tucked into the pages of The Art of Fantasy. I can’t tell you how much fun I had curating this collection coaxed forth from myth, magic, fantasy, and art history. Maybe I had a little too much fun because one reviewer said they did not appreciate my attempts at humor. Ah, well. Sillies are gonna silly. I can’t help it!

The Art of Fantasy (interior) L: Witold Pruszkowski // R: Jason Mowry

Were they referring to my caption for Witold Pruszkowski’s Dragon?

“The hazy, dying embers of a setting sun sets up the moody backdrop and contributes to an uncanny sense of romanticism in 19th-century Polish painter Witold Pruszkowski’s (1846-1896) golden hour portrayal of this fearsome beast. Is this dreadful dragon violently twisting toward an armor-clad foe in advance of an incendiary last stand, one which will either end with a barbecued knight or beast with a sword in its heart? Or is this merely a benevolent beast discharging a fiery belch, goggle-eyed with embarrassment? Whether we’re quivering with terror or with barely-repressed giggles and Fremdschämen, the artist’s fondness for fantasy and fairytale archetypes, combined with a keen eye for weird detail and mystical atmosphere, paints a curiously evocative picture of this mythical monster.”

(The monster was burping, okay? I said what I said!)

The Art of Fantasy (interior) L: Eric Velhagen // R: Leonor Fini

I read somewhere that “reviews are not for authors; they are for other readers,” and I kinda like that attitude. I try not to read reviews for my books–I am anxious enough as it is, and I don’t need another source of dread. Although when the first few start showing up, it’s hard to resist! But I got it out of my system for this go-round, and now I am done.

The Art of Fantasy (interior) L: Virgo Paraiso //R: Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh

Anyway! Although today is certainly not the last day you can preorder The Art of Fantasy, it *is* your last opportunity to nab some artsy preorder goodies! Find the link to do so in my bio, and in the meantime, feast your eyes upon these wonderments by the following artists.

The Art of Fantasy (interior) L: František Kupka // R: Laurence Schwinger


The Art of Fantasy (interior) L: Kiki Smith // R: Yuko Shimizu


The Art of Fantasy (interior) L: Frederick Sandys // R: Colleen Doran


The Art of Fantasy (interior) L: Daniel Maclise // R: Mr. Werewolf


The Art of Fantasy (interior) John Atkinson Grimshaw


The Art of Fantasy (interior) L: John William Waterhouse // R: Marie Spartali Stillman


The Art of Fantasy (interior) Pamela Colman Smith

Adam says

I appreciate any humor in art books. The people are here to look at a bunch of cool art! It should be a good time!

S. Elizabeth says

Ha! Yes! Exactly! I feel quite vindicated now, thank you!

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