art credit: Isabee
art credit: Isabee

A gathering of death related links that I have encountered in the past month or so. From somber to hilarious, from informative to creepy, here’s a snippet of things that have been reported on or journaled about in or related to the Death Industry recently.

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💀 When Your Best Friend Dies
💀 What Cancer Takes Away
💀 To Grieve Is to Carry Another Time
💀 Why Pet Sematary refuses to die
💀 Why is death left out of wellness?
💀 When Cemeteries Became Natural Sanctuaries
💀 Suffering Blows: One Woman’s Journey With Grief
💀 6 Bricks Under: Vienna Cemetery Introduces Funeral LEGO Sets
💀 Washington may become first state to legalize human composting
💀 The funeral as we know it is becoming a relic — just in time for a death boom
💀 R.I.P. to a Startling Facebook Feature: Reminders of Dead Friends’ Birthdays
💀 A photo essay from the morgue that works as a description of what death looks like 
💀 From Jack the Ripper to Ted Bundy, why are dead women’s bodies still being used as entertainment?
💀 Caregiving can be overwhelming, but there are some ways you can prepare yourself for this new chapter in your life.


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