Death Enwreathed, Thomas Satterwhite Noble (1874, Oil on canvas)

A gathering of death-related links that I have encountered in the past month or so. From heart-rending to gut-splitting (sometimes you gotta laugh, you know?) from informative to insightful to sometimes just downright weird and creepy, here’s a snippet of recent items that have been reported on or journaled about with regard to death, dying, and matters of mortality.

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💀Who is going to look after your social media profiles after you die?

💀‘Roadrunner’ Will Make You Mourn Anthony Bourdain All Over Again

💀A haunting photo collection of famous people’s death masks, 1300-1950

💀Is ‘I told you I was sick’ the new Rest in Peace? A look at changing traditions in headstones

💀Obituaries My Mother Wrote For Me When I Was Living In San Francisco In My Twenties

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