Symbiosis, Dan McCarthy
Symbiosis, Dan McCarthy

A gathering of death related links that I have encountered in the past month or so. From somber to hilarious, from informative to creepy, here’s a snippet of things that have been reported on or journaled about in or related to the Death Industry recently.

More reading: Links of the Dead {May 2016}

💀 The 12-year-old who helps out at the family funeral home
💀 Finding the plot: England’s tombstone tourists
💀 In Green-Wood Cemetery, Sophie Calle Invites You to Bury Your Secrets
💀 Ancient Funerary Garden Discovered in Egypt for First Time
💀 When I Miss My Mom, I Put on Her Eye Cream
💀 This Brooklyn couple made hard cider from Green-Wood Cemetery trees
💀  The Director of The Human Centipede On Confrontations With Death In The Horror Genre
💀 Pop Goes The Reaper! A new series on death positivity in pop culture
💀 A Letter To My Mother That She Will Never Read
💀 These Extremely Loving Pet Owners Preserve Their Pets For Eternity
💀 Medieval Death Bot tweets about how people in medieval England died and it’s fascinating
💀 Bring Soup, Not Salad– and other rules for those in mourning.
💀 Beauty in Decomposition: An Interview With Artist AJ Hawkins
💀 Meet the Funeral Therapy Dog Who Helps Mourners Process Their Grief
💀 Passed away, pushing up daisies – the many ways we don’t talk about death
💀 How Close Is Too Close? When Death Affects Real Estate
💀 Speaking with the Dead Is an Effective Way of Mourning
💀 Kieran Crowder ‘Liberates’ Ashes, Makes Art
💀 What happens when a spouse dies in the middle of a divorce?
💀 The Uncanny Body: Jennifer Firestone’s Gates and Fields
💀 Misconceptions about HIV/AIDS and the funeral arts in the year 2017
💀 Playing With Death: The Morbid Curiosity Game
💀 The Grave Girl Explores Upsala Swedish Cemetery in Sanford, Florida

Melissa says

Awww, my Kermit is up there! #deathlositivepup #teamnaturalburial <3

S. Elizabeth says

That was such a lovely read...and of course, such good work you both are doing!

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