Image credit: Mathieu Baly
Image credit: Mathieu Baly

A gathering of death related links that I have encountered in the past month or so. From somber to hilarious, from informative to creepy, here’s a snippet of things that have been reported on or journaled about in or related to the Death Industry recently.

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💀 How a Grieving Father Is Uncovering Mexico’s Mass Graves
💀 Death As A Friendly Onion
💀 How vividly imagining your own death can help your next career move
💀 How To Grieve For Online Friends You Never
💀 Thanksgiving: The National Day of Mourning
💀 Event teaches local Girl Scouts about mortuary science
💀 A Handbook For Grieving
💀 “Magical Funerals®” coming to Walt Disney World
💀 She Sees Dead Bodies

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