artist: Billelis
artist: Billelis

A gathering of death related links that I have encountered in the past month or so. From somber to hilarious, from informative to creepy, here’s a snippet of things that have been reported on or journaled about in or related to the Death Industry recently.

This time last year: Links of the Dead {October 2017} | {October 2016}

💀 Miyu Kojima Creates Miniature Replicas of Lonely Deaths
💀 Why I read books about death and you should too
💀 ‘It’s a day you can’t do again’ — meet the funeral stylists
💀 A 16th-Century Manual on How to Die, and What it Teaches Us About Life
💀 Arrangements, or, the visual tendencies that occur on the periphery of funerals
💀 Death around the world in ten objects
💀 The Cucumber Horses and Eggplant Cows That Welcome Back the Dead
💀 Skeletons must not be sold as Hallowe’en props, doctors warned
💀 How death disappeared from Halloween

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