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A gathering of death-related links that I have encountered in the past few months or so. From heart-rending to humorous (sometimes you gotta laugh, you know?) from informative to insightful, to sometimes just downright weird and creepy, here’s a snippet of recent items that have been reported on or journaled about with regard to death, dying, and matters of mortality.

💀 After-Loss Tech Wants to Ease the Logistics of Death

💀 Inside the Rise of Green Composting and Other Burial Practices

💀 Good Enough: Chelsea Bieker on Grieving Her Complicated Father

💀 How do you explain death to children – and should they go to the funeral?

💀 How to Leave Your Photos to Someone When You Die

💀 What Impact Do End-of-Life Experiences Have on Grief?

💀  What Apple TV’s ‘Severance’ gets right about grief at work, and why employers should care

💀 What Impact Do End-of-Life Experiences Have on Grief?

💀 The Careless Display of Ill-Gotten Human Remains

💀 The Smell of Death: Interview with Nuri McBride

💀 ‘I imagined black-plumed horses’: Sarah Hughes on planning her own big, fat gothic funeral

💀 Don’t Say You ‘Can’t Imagine’ the Grief of Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones. Ask Them to Tell You Their Stories

💀 Death’s Garden Revisited: Relationships with Cemeteries. An anthology of personal essays about how the authors connect with cemeteries and graveyards.

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