18 Mar

This is maybe the vainest thing, ever. But. HELLO FROM ME AND MY NO LONGER SNAGGLEDY TEEFS.

I had braces for five years when I was a teenager because my teeth were so bad. And then I fucked everything up when I didn’t wear my retainer, so they got even worse. I was SO self-conscious about my mouth and my teeth and my smile for YEARS. So when I had the means to fix it, I decided to go for it. Because of the pandemic, it felt like I had Invisalign for approximately 5 million years, but they finally came off today. I had to pay out of pocket. If I’m being totally honest with you, that’s what I used the advance from The Art of the Occult for.

Did I harness the power of the mystical arts for purposes of vanity? Maybe so!

Do teeth need to be perfect, or straight for a smile or a person to be beautiful? Absolutely not, I don’t believe that at all. But did fixing my janky mouth make me feel better? You bet your muffins it did. No regerts.

Solstice Lilac says

Your teeth look beautiful, and as a veteran of six plus years of orthodontics, I admire your decision.

I want to ask, though, AS a veteran of many years of orthodontics. I wore a corrective device for an overbite, braces (with headgear and rubber bands and the whole nine yards), and retainers between the ages of 13 and 20 or so, and today, at 50, my teeth are jacked the FUCK up. They're not as bad as they were before I started orthodontics, but I have an overbite and some severe crowding and stacked-up snaggle teeth. When I was 17 and right out of braces my teeth looked great, but basically nature undid a lot of what thousands of dollars and a bazillion years and a lot of pain did to make my teeth look great, and I'll never get back the damage done to my self-image as a teenager, hah. As a result, I feel like orthodontics is a racket, and I cannot hear my dentist's recommendation to get my teeth aligned AGAIN at this stage of life!
So... what insurance does Invisalign give you that your smile is going to stay put? What's the secret? Do you have a permanent retainer, or do you have to keep wearing one at night?
Just some curiosity from the jaded... Thank you. And, you look great. :D

S. Elizabeth says

I will have to wear upper and lower retainers every night for the rest of my life! Or at least I get so old that all of my give-a-fucks pertaining to orthodonture and vanity have flown out the window! They gave me 12 years worth of retainers, and then I guess I'll have to figure it out from there :P

I think there is a guarantee on the work for a few years, I will have to check into that!

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