It feels super weird and maybe a little tacky to keep mentioning my forthcoming little book goblin, but part of my job of having written it is to occasionally promote it. Please don’t get annoyed with me!

In the vein of keeping updates brief and lively for your eyeballs, I thought I might share a peek at the table of contents. Hopefully, this is what it will all look like in the end, but if it’s not exactly as displayed in these photos and screenshots, it will be pretty close. I’m pretty thrilled that they included this image of Waterhouse’s Circe Indiviosa here, it’s an incredibly gorgeous work, and one of my very favorites by the artist. What do you think?

To anyone who has already preordered a copy, thank you so much! Preorders help with creating an early buzz about a book, and it’s a clear message to the publisher that there is a demand for the author’s work. So I appreciate all of you for sending that message–it means the world to me!

If you’re interested in pre-ordering a copy, all of the details on The Art Of The Occult can be found here. 

Table of contents


Pre-ordered mine! Can't wait! Thanks for letting me know. Don't feel bad about promoting. This is awesome!

S. Elizabeth says

Thank you, as always, for your support and encouragement and kind words :)

Steve Dempsey says

I preordered one too, and then saw this. I'm a big fan of Hilma af Klint, having seen her work in Sweden and a big exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery in London. I'm also interested in her precursor Georgiana Houghton, who was on show at the School of Psychic Studies last year and Emma Kunz who also showed at the Serpentine, but I sadly missed her. Even if you don't cover them, I'm still very much looking forward to this.

S. Elizabeth says

Hi Steve! Thanks so much for the note and the preorder. Sadly, though I would have liked to include both Georgiana Houghton and Emma Kunz, we were unable to obtain permissions for either. That's something I never thought much about, before I embarked on this project. Just how much goes into the identifying, researching, and gathering of the images...which are presented to the publisher for approval (a good chunk of my suggestions never even made it past this phase!) and then obtaining permissions from the artists or galleries or estates, and sometimes even then, they are unable to provide a high-enough resolution for print materials. It's a process! There's a good handful of artists that due to one or a combination of these reasons, were, unfortunately, unable to make it into this book :(

Shay N. says

I'm so excited to get this book in my hands!!!! <3

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