9 May

I require an explanation regarding muesli. I was startled out of sleep last night when I realized that I didn’t know what the difference was between muesli and granola. At first, I thought muesli was basically toasted nuts and grains but without the fat or sweetener, like granola. Both then I see that sometimes muesli is just raw grains and nuts, soaked. Both seem to have the addition of dried fruits and various toppings at some point. So then… what’s the difference between muesli and overnight oats or even oatmeal? Is it all just semantics? Also, is “overnight oats” basically just a term that some dumb fitness blogger coined because they thought they came up with something clever, but in reality, it’s something people have been doing for a million years? Because I sure wish someone had said to them, oh, so you’re making MUESLI, then?

Anyway, if you can’t tell, this confusion is making me cranky and mean. And also I hate fitness bloggers.

The internet is confusing me with conflicting information and I swear I just watched Jamie Oliver dump half a damn can of cocoa in his wacky version so I don’t even know what’s what anymore. If you are a muesli eater and you can explain to me the difference, I’d love to hear it! And armchair muesliosophers, keep outta this–I don’t need conjecture, I need hard facts!
I have included a screen capture that confuses things even further, from the video I just watched.

Solstice Lilac says

You were right the first time. Muesli is like granola but it's not baked with oil or sweeteners. Sometimes it's totally raw and sometimes it has lightly toasted nuts in it but basically it's an unbaked, unsweetened granola. Raw oats, nuts, and dried fruit. You put milk on it and let it soak for a little while before eating so the grains soften, but you do not cook it in hot milk or hot water as you do oatmeal or "overnight oats." And muesli is not made in a blender with half a can of cocoa... (ugh, that sounds so yucky... blended raw oats with cocoa powder and milk... I think I've made bookbinding glue that sounded more edible). I may just be an armchair muesliosopher, but I'm from a health food heartland (Santa Cruz, California) and I remember eating muesli way back when!

S. Elizabeth says

I am just now seeing your comment, but I am so glad you chimed in! I've been doing raw oats with almond milk, topped with some grated apple that I cooked with some cinnamon and ginger the night before, and cooled in the fridge overnight, as well as some pumpkin seeds slivered almonds that I soaked beforehand. I am actually surprised by how much I am enjoying it!

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