27 Mar

Our neighbors originally hail from the Narnia province, deep in the glowing heart of Rivendell. They retired to FL in their twilight years but they still dream of the old country.


But lest you think it’s all glimmering midnight fairyland and unicorn disco folktales round these parts, allow me to present the other end of the street, where the rapidly shifting terroir gives rise to a distinctly divergent environs.

{cue up Monster Truck Housewives Of Unincorporated nameless Florida town}



Impaire says

Goddess Almighty.
Have you ever seen someone go in or out of that truck? Do they use an escape ladder to achieve the feat? Is this a truckified version of a tree house?
The Unnamable Truck-Thing of Florida certainly seems to belong to this reality much less than a pet unicorn ever would. Still, older children must have toys sprung from their odd imaginations, I suppose.

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