31 Oct

October has been busy with weekends trips to the pumpkin patch, batches of cinnamon & cardamom flecked and cranberry-studded pumpkin bread, early evening ghost-tours that turned into late night drag shows, trips to a spiritualist community/psychic camp (with “an energy vortex” located beneath a pretty but rather mundane gazebo), cemeteries and devil’s chairs, mimosas and margaritas and a night spent out with starkly painted face, cloaked in night and totally blind because I could not wear my glasses in that particular guise.

It is difficult to believe that November is nearing.  I sat on the screened porch this evening with a book and shivered as a slight breeze eddied round my ankles.  I laughed at myself, just a little, when I remembered a mention earlier in the day of snowstorms already in New Jersey.  I then put on a pair of old hand-knit socks because regardless of where the snow was on the ground, I was still chilly.

Flowers for the dead, Cassadaga


Ann Steven’s House, Cassadega

The Noiseless Path, Cassadaga


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